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Lost Love (Neymar Jr) by creativegurl
Lost Love (Neymar Jr)by Sada
Carol and Neymar were considered the most perfect couple. But what happens when Neymar screws up and Carol breaks his heart? Will they ever get back together? or is the...
  • carol
  • makeups
  • breakups
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The Billionaire's Betrayal by sweetchoclate9
The Billionaire's Betrayalby rose
"I love you, Celestine Allen King and I will do anything to make you mine again. Anything", he said and kissed my forehead, pressing me tightly to him. We don'...
  • boyfriend
  • blackmail
  • cheating-husband
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Already Gone by alibaby
Already Goneby Alexandra
Mia Cooper is deeply in love with her boyfriend James Shaw. But when he tells her he's leaving before they start their senior year, her heart is crushed. Mia faces furth...
  • moving
  • drugs
  • jamies
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EAST by pradabadluck
EASTby 🥰
#743 in fan fiction #158 in girls
  • lovestory
  • miami
  • bigsean
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why dont we groupchat by bewaremeangi
why dont we groupchatby bewaremeangi
number #2
  • couple
  • jackavery
  • zay
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Bad Boy in a Cupcake Shop (COMPLETED) by jordan390
Bad Boy in a Cupcake Shop ( jordannn
My life is perfect, but that's only because I make it that way. It isn't naturally that way, but someone's life is perfect when you decide to forget all the bad things t...
  • bad
  • family
  • breakups
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The Art Of Sending Flowers  by catalysed
The Art Of Sending Flowers by eurydice
"Orange lillies are said to represent passion. I just want you to know that I hate you with a burning passion." - In which a sarcastic, sassy and undeniably h...
  • romance
  • funny
  • couples
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The Assistant by someone123
The Assistantby someone123
Natalie's boyfriend just cheated on her, and she's bawling her eyes out on her first day at work. Aaron, her boss, couldn't care less about the new assistant, he's too b...
  • drunk
  • engangement
  • shower
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Romance Collision (Rewritten Version) by SAMiAMiz
Romance Collision (Rewritten Gigi Bean
At Middleton High, the girls can't help but fawn over the "Cloud Nine Dream Buffet", or the ever-so-gorgeous McNeill brothers. Between three best friends, Eve...
  • humor
  • heartbreak
  • rewritten
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Just Bestfriends? [Urban]| Unedited by _Iamblackgold
Just Bestfriends? [Urban]| Uneditedby Dymond
Meet Chanel and Tyree they've been bestfriends for years, nothing more, nothing less, but what will happen when they start catching feelings for each other? Will they g...
  • breakups
  • bestfriends
  • urban
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Secrets of a Tomboy by TaraLDeclan
Secrets of a Tomboyby Tara L. Declan
Who ever said being a tomboy was easy, they were so wrong. Especailly when you face the struggles of growing up and dating. Andie is a seventeen year old farm girl a.k.a...
  • moving
  • secrets
  • towns
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Professor C (camren) by torunafter
Professor C (camren)by chase
A year and a half into their relationship, Lauren and Camila parted ways. Lauren left their shared apartment with a measly note and hopes of reconciliation but when she...
  • fanfiction
  • romance
  • camilaxlauren
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Bakit Hindi Nalang Ako? by asteraceaeseed
Bakit Hindi Nalang Ako?by Phixo♾
Mga katanungan, kailan mabibigyang kasagutan? Book 1/3
  • nalang
  • blackpinkjisoo
  • quest
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Mission B.R.E.A.K.U.P. by avidreader232
Mission avidreader232
Emma Raphael is perfect. She is beautiful, rich and smart. When she was young, she overheard people say what a perfect couple Christopher Cosgrove, the son of oil tycoon...
  • brother
  • groom
  • couple
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Like Calls To Like (Book 2) by OlgaPinsky
Like Calls To Like (Book 2)by Olga Pinsky
This is my second poetry book. Book 1 is published on and is called "Out of the Abyss". This collection of poems shows my life at a time when every...
  • breakups
  • work
  • growing
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Sinking Love (Sequel)✔ by werewolf10101
Sinking Love (Sequel)✔by werewolf10101
(Sequel to Teen wolf Derek hale.) Layla and Derek are back again! They are still deeply in love with each other, they think they'll end up with a happily ever after but...
  • chrisargent
  • love
  • lies
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Football Girl by BecklieBeckaBraae
Football Girlby Becka :)
Ayanna Jones has always loved football. She loves playing it, she loves watching it. That's why her friends call her Football Girl. As she settles into a new life with...
  • jerks
  • sports
  • boyfriend
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No Love Lost by WannaBe__
No Love Lostby WannaBe__
No love Lost: Paisley Bryant, was an 18 year old girl who was born and raised in the down south and with it born her and her twin brother from their terrible mother. Nin...
  • love
  • romance
  • breakups
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Tomboy [Completed] by GynksXcarlet
Tomboy [Completed]by Gynks Xcarlet
"Can't you let this happen?" I ask stepping closer to her. She took another step back and ended up between the wall and myself. "I'm your teacher Dylin...
  • gxg
  • heartbreaks
  • teens
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Seesaw | Sope by KizzMeSoftlyz
Seesaw | Sopeby JazZmel
Yoongi makes a song to break up with his girlfriend And Hoseok makes a choreography to it
  • jikook
  • namjin
  • yoonseok
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