Strawberry | book #1 ✓ by flirtingly
Strawberry | book #1 ✓by i miss you
Book one in The Carter Series ❝hello?❞ ❝is this bella's ice cream?❞ ❝what?❞ ❝i guess not❞ → in which a girl is in dire need of strawberry ice cream and calls the local i...
  • strawberry
  • teen
  • humor
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The Girl He Left Behind Trilogy by TahliePurvis
The Girl He Left Behind Trilogyby Tahlie
[BOOK 3 ONGOING | Book 1&2 complete] Stacey Williams had always loved Axel Teller. But he had paid her no mind. She wanted more than the meaningless flings t...
  • highschool
  • shortchapters
  • suicide
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BTS ANGSTSby Jimin's_Hoe
Not quite angst 100% but there are moments where your heart and gut burn from sadness. There's usually happy endings. I hope you cry, these are triggering. KEEP A BOX OF...
  • yoongi
  • jimin
  • jungkook
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[KOOKMIN] My (Lovely) Husband by sansanpark
[KOOKMIN] My (Lovely) Husbandby HIATUS
Book 2. [Completed] Cerita sehari-hari kehidupan rumah tangga Jeon Jungkook dan Jeon Jimin. Sequel from : Ex Boyfriend.
  • bts
  • humor
  • indonesia
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The Property Of: Neena Eellante | ✓ | #wattys2018 by Chatachino
The Property Of: Neena Eellante | Mignon French
❝ Neena Eellante ❞ - The last two words written by a girl with ratty blonde hair and tear stained, blue eyes. Words scratched fiercely into the spine of a leather book t...
  • teengirl
  • sickness
  • diary
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Shawn Mendes Imagines by Mendusbabe
Shawn Mendes Imaginesby AJASHLEY
Shawn Mendes imagines... short chapters about our beautiful talented Canadian singer, requests are open❤️ [I don't own any songs/ lyrics. All songs are written by the...
  • mendes
  • shawnpeterraulmendes
  • fanfic
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DISCORD.°| bts crackfic by OverlyObsessedOtaku
DISCORD.°| bts crackficby ▬ 厚い!
*:・゚✧*:・゚✧highest rank: #1 in crackfics*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ -- jimout: y'all have been snorting too much cocaine hoe-suck: shit, I've been discovered- namjohn: e x p o s e d jungc...
  • shortchapters
  • btsjhope
  • bangtan
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Tom Holland & Harrison Osterfield Oneshots by ItsLisAnna
Tom Holland & Harrison el
Do you love Tom Holland or Harrison Osterfield? If so, this is the book for you! (Warning: extreme fluff, guaranteed to make you smile. You're welcome) REQUESTS CLOSED...
  • kiss
  • story
  • holland
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Arranged to my bully | jjk | by dms_wl2
Arranged to my bully | jjk |by 박 은 지
What will happen Eunji a nerd in disguise gets arranged with her bully Jeon Jungkook?will they fall in love with each other or will they hate each other even if they are...
  • btsfanfic
  • kookie
  • firststory
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HIS: Baby (Namjoon) | Book 3 by Hahakim
HIS: Baby (Namjoon) | Book 3by GIVE-ME-SOME-SUGAR
BOOK 3 of HIS SERIES [HIS: Baby] "I'm not calling you daddy." "I got one daddy and I call him papa." Copyright ©️ 2018 by HAHA KIM Obviously, this wi...
  • smutish
  • daddy
  • babygirl
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Camila Cabello Imagines/Gifs by assfatcamila
Camila Cabello Imagines/Gifsby wonk a donk ba dong
A book full of Imagines and Gif Imagines of our queen Camila. First few chapters will be short!! ⚠️MATURE CONTENT⚠️ Note: GIFs aren't mine unless stated otherwise
  • camila
  • allybrooke
  • shortstory
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♡ he calls me daddy ♡ by mengii_ah
♡ he calls me daddy ♡by *・mengii・*
suga: "i know a 22 year old man. his name is park jimin. he dates a young adult named jeon jungkook. when i see him.. i need him. i know he needs me too." ...
  • parkjimin
  • bts
  • kimseokjin
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[COMPLETED BOTH BOOKS] Writing the third book, "Myself" "I love you." The younger one said. "But you bully me." The older one replied. #Azu...
  • bts
  • fluffandsmut
  • shortchapters
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Wrong Sent!  by ismantha
Wrong Sent! by melovedy
"oops sorry, wrong sent." - ay akala ko para saken. :<
  • texting
  • tagaloglovestory
  • blackpink
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Dolan Twins Imagines by Relapse_Writer
Dolan Twins Imaginesby Kate Morris
Message me for your own imagines! First few chapters are low standard just so you are warned!
  • imagines
  • graysonbaileydolan
  • grayson
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She.  by decipheringBella
She. by decipheringBella
Poetry, scenes and short stories written from the fingertips of a girl who doesn't know her own heart. She's filled each corner with love and light that she thought was...
  • wattpride
  • deepthoughts
  • shortchapters
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Always The Second Choice 🔒 ♡BxB♡ by IzzySaysHaii
Always The Second Choice 🔒 ♡BxB♡by Izzy
Declan Lombardi has lived 17 great years thus far. He has had everything given to him since the day he was born as if he was an only child. He wasn't precisely spoiled...
  • secondchoice
  • sweet
  • izzysayshaii
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letters [jeongchan] ✓ by peachychenle
letters [jeongchan] ✓by ⁘ yang jeongin ⁘
☁️ when a boy from korea accidentally send a letter to australia ☁️ - - - completed 7/19/18 short chapters letters back and forth from chan and jeongin :)
  • shortchapter
  • seochangbin
  • straykidsship
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Wolf Allergic | Kim Namjoon x Reader by mociminji
Wolf Allergic | Kim Namjoon x Mypotanto
I- *sneeze* Fckin- *sneeze* Allergic- *sneeze* To Dogs- *scratch* - In which, Kim Namjoon, an alpha who finally found his mate, a human, you. But the bad news is, you we...
  • seokjin
  • suga
  • shortchapter
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Instagram |M.YG x P.JM| by _SweetSuga93_
Instagram |M.YG x P.JM|by SweetSuga
JiminiePabo: Is this Tae? SugaDaddy: what is a Tae? In which Park Jimin thought that he messaged his friend, Kim Taehyung, but it turns out to be Min Yoongi, A...
  • text
  • jeonjungkook
  • jhope
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