30: Regret

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My teeth gitted stopping myself from not bursting in tears as I look at my wife who is assissted by Joy and Stevan to walk towards me.

"So beautiful" I praised my wife for the first time if myy memory serves me right ad I earn a weak chuckle from her as Joy ad Stevan step aside when I finally got hold of my wife.

"You look so beautiful" I complimented her appearanec though it really take her a lot of hours dressing specially in her state now.

She started preparing since afternoon annd not its night time.

"Your also handsome to your self to, Husband" I nnodded at her compliment to me a I hug while we slowly sway with the music.

I wanted to hold her hands and dace normally but its eems that its hard for her to stand anymore.

"Step on my feet" I said to her.

"Ahh, what a beautiful dancing position it is" She said looking at me, tilting her head upwards as I bow down also to give her a peck while swaying to the music.

"I wish I daced you when we got married and eventhough it was and arrange I still have the responsibility to give you the moments as my wife back then' I said to her regretfully.

"Vance. Its not the time now to be a regretful bastard instead dance with me tonight okay? I prepare this for a lot of hours so shut up being regretful and just dance with" I just nodded at her biting my own lip to supress my tears from flowing specially when she stumble a little.

I held her tighter now as I sing with the music while swaying her to dance with me.

"So as long as live I love you,
Will have and hold you. You look so beautiful in white, And from now to my ver last beah. This day I'll cherish. You look so beautiful in white. Tonight"

I sung to her and tighten my embrace to her as she slowly go limp in my arms.

"I love you" I kiss her her forehead while still dancing, she look at me with her half hooded eyes.

"I love you too" She replied weakly as her arms iaround me slowly fall down.

"I love you,My wife" I kiss her nose and cheeks while looking at her lovingly, she smiled at me too before giving me a peck in the lips.

We keep on swaying till the music is almost finished.

You look so beautiful in white. Tonight.

My tears flows in my face as Stella's body went limp in my arms.

"I love you, Stella" I whispered to her ears as I hug her tightly.

I couldn't explain this execurating pain in my chest as I hug the woman who completed me. The woan who love and stayed with me until her very own last breath.

"Till we see again, Love" I whisper again and just letmy emotion show in this room so as my son's cries.

Ii can't help but to blame my own.

All my life I believe that people  where useless to me since they all only wanted my life and that is why I was blinded.

I look at my wife in my arms as I caress her face and give her one last kiss before I carry her to her bed and just hold her hand until the doctors adnd nurses, escorting my wife to  a room for cleaning.

As I waited outside I can't help but to laugh at myself.

"Indeed, you will regret when something or someone is no longer with you"

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