The Letter.. by MakeupxJunkiet
Psychopath by JustAGirl169t
Psychopath by JustAGirl169
Highest Ranking: #6 °°°°° "Either, do what I say or die," he whispered wickedly, his gun pressed against my cheek. I tried to escape his grip but it resulted in him p...
Isabella by AmbyLuvszt
Isabella by AmbyLuvsz
When Ashley found out that she was pregnant with twins, she couldn't wait to share the good news with her husband. But when he got home later that night, he told her tha...
Silician Lady by CHISENPAIt
Silician Lady by CHISENPAI
Safira Yomiere Delos Santos Lamortel is a family-oriented mother. Gagawin niya ang lahat para sa kanyang kambal na sina Levitrish at Levitrei, she will never give up on...
After getting his heart broken, the last thing Finn Harlow wants is to join a club of gentlemen who specialize in seducing women. But when given a bet he can't refuse, F...
Mr. Lone Boy /BoyxBoy/ by DancesWithTheDevilt
Mr. Lone Boy /BoyxBoy/ by DancesWithTheDevil
"You can't like him, you just can't!" "I know. It's wrong, but it's how I feel and I can't freaking control that." We've all heard the phrase 'The heart wants what it...
 The  Millionaire Obsession [ TMO] by biology_suckst
The Millionaire Obsession [ TMO] by biology_sucks
"Stay back Roman . Don't come near me . I am telling you I want to go home. So just let me go . You can't keep me here forcefully ". At that moment my back collided w...
Faking It by kario12t
Faking It by kario12
"When I tell you that he hates me, you'll probably assume it's because he's a jerk...but you'd be wrong. He's not a jerk. I am." --- Several years ago tragedy struck E...
Scary Love by darkmew18t
Scary Love by darkmew18
a girl named Chloe she having a affair with a older man named Tristan but when she tries to end it with him it didn't end well. Two months later after she moved away he...
My heart is meant to be yours... by SONI1812t
My heart is meant to be yours... by SONI1812
"# My heart is perfect...because you are in it..." I'd take every step with you...I'd stay by your side in every situation of life...You are my life...Will we be able to...
Sizzling Knot by neha12056t
Sizzling Knot by neha12056
Dedicated to all girls who have male phobia. Highest Ranking #1 in General Fiction. How many husband's would have ever given it a thought that the girl they got marri...
A Round Trip To Love by ShaoYeloveBLt
A Round Trip To Love by ShaoYeloveBL
Author: Lan Lin. Rules:- 1.Don't mind my grammar. 2.No need thanks..:) ( i will usually ignore..XD) 3.Enjoy reading
I Stole the Bad Girl's Heart [COMPLETED]  by hayleyfromparahmoret
I Stole the Bad Girl's Heart [COMP... by hayleyfromparahmore
My name is Michelle. I'm 16, born and raised in Australia, but now, I'm moving to America, Los Angeles to be specific. I'm your normal teenage girl, you know, loves mus...
A Thug's Beast by UnbelievableTrutht
A Thug's Beast by UnbelievableTruth
Tatyianna only knows pain, from a burn accident, losing her father, and the battle of keeping her mother alive. This plus size beauty is fighting an army all alone. Unti...
The Game Changer by steffy_tt
The Game Changer by steffy_t
What is life without a little bit of complicated fun? The Game Changer by Steffanie Sequel to The Seat Filler #1 general fiction 04/06/2015
Biker Boy Gunnar by weareyouthwriterst
Biker Boy Gunnar by weareyouthwriters
Reign Morrow is running from her troubles back on the East Coast. Her ex boyfriend was heading down a dangerous path, that involved underground boxing, drugs and domesti...
Waiting For His Love ❤ by RavaliRockzt
Waiting For His Love ❤ by RavaliRockz
Highest Ranking #3 in General Fiction as on 15th Nov 2016 Have you ever experienced Love at First sight?? Well, What happens when you fall in love with someone and...