The Top 1000: Best General Fiction Stories

Rain Again (Completed) by clararicks1
Rain Again (Completed)by clararicks1
Highest Ranking on hotlist : #1 Her confusion multiplied looking at the raw anger in his eyes, the seriousness and finality in his features. 'I seriously am clueless her...
  • chicklit
  • redemption
  • secondchance
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Mia Cara (Completed) by americanmediocrity
Mia Cara (Completed)by americanmediocrity
When Rose Salvatore is granted with the gift of a high paying job to help her take care of her little sister and herself, she immediately jumps at the opportunity but is...
  • love
  • mafia
  • humor
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From Hell To Heaven  by nagapriya
From Hell To Heaven by nagapriya
Highest rank #1 in general fiction on 24/10/2017 This is the story of Akash and Dharani. Akash means sky and Dharani means earth.... He came to me and held my hair again...
  • love
  • arrogant
  • forgiveness
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Bound  by crimsondragin
Bound by crimsondragin
Highest rank #1 General fiction 14th August 2017 Two mafia families. An age old rivalry between them. No one could bring them together and at peace......or so people th...
  • dangerous
  • betrayal
  • family
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I Was Never Yours,MR.CEO(Published) by rainbowlovie
I Was Never Yours,MR.CEO(Published)by rainbowlovie
This is a completed and a published Novel: It can be purchased on Amazon in the form of paperback and/or an eBook. The link for purchase is available on my bio. "...
  • ceo
  • possessive
  • arrogant
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Tulip In The Mafia's Grip by Merry786abc
Tulip In The Mafia's Gripby Merry786abc
#1 in what's hot list of general fiction on 30th Sept,2017 #5 in general fiction "what's hot' list" on 24/9/17 🚫WARNING: DARK ROMANCE. This book will show yo...
  • abuse
  • darklove
  • psychopath
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Collared by paudickson
Collaredby paudickson
Abigail Bennett has it all-a job she loves, a family that adores her, but something's missing. Her life is too safe. Too boring. Too plain. Searching to fulfill her deep...
  • bdsm
  • dark
  • submissive
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The Artist [MXB] #3✓ by saintc
The Artist [MXB] #3✓by saintc
Caleb is an artist, he's a master in every possible medium, and nothing less was expected from him as a Wilson, an extended family of high aspiring artists. Caleb enjoys...
  • romance
  • manxman
  • bxb
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Thug fetish 3:Lost but not forgotten  by souneique
Thug fetish 3:Lost but not souneique
The story of the lost Twin//+more
  • urbanfiction
  • thug
  • trilogy
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Sold To A Mafia Boss  by DarleneAtienza583
Sold To A Mafia Boss by DarleneAtienza583
#6 in General Fiction Date: 2/21/18 #9 In General Fiction " Pls...... Promise me you never let go pls..... Promise me you stay at my side pls..... Promise me n...
  • war
  • hubby
  • marriage
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The Gangleader's Little Princess by dprincess684
The Gangleader's Little Princessby dprincess684
What happens when one day when you were going back home from school like any normal days when suddenly you get taken away by some random men. Reached #6 in General Ficti...
  • gang
  • projectbadboy
  • romance-friendship
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DEDICATION | Book II by UrbanDynastyNovels
DEDICATION | Book IIby UrbanDynastyNovels
Works #2 : Ahmad Hassan Sinclair, 29, finally met his goal in becoming happy and finally letting someone into that cold heart of his and fell in love deeply. But of cour...
  • enemies
  • marriage
  • urban
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Arranged Marriage  (Completed)✔ by Bibliophile161
Arranged Marriage (Completed)✔by Bibliophile161
It's a story of how Neha, a 23 year old woman and Arun, a 26 year old man, two absolute strangers, are bound together in an arranged marriage and how they make their mar...
  • romance
  • drama
  • fiction
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Fucking Royalty ✔ | COMPLETED | by afrane_est
Fucking Royalty ✔ | COMPLETED |by afrane_est
Highest rank #1 Things happen when Myles gets drawn to a savage, fierce and dangerous girl who doesn't believe in love She was an abandoned orphan; he was a crown prince...
  • royalty
  • pregnancy
  • prince
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Love Always Wins(Editing....) by PurnimaNarain
Love Always Wins(Editing....)by PurnimaNarain
Cover credit - theindi_girl Highest ranking - #2 on December 25, 2017 They were different in thoughts...they were different in opinions...they w...
  • influence
  • romance
  • rivalry
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Sacrifices by QVEEN-NADI
Sacrificesby QVEEN-NADI
Erica is a 20 year old who is working hard to keep a roof over her 2 younger siblings head and to keep them safe from their drug-addict mom and her boyfriend. Something...
  • struggle
  • ericamena
  • atlanta
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'Cannon Fodder Will Rise!'System by userBlackDiA
'Cannon Fodder Will Rise!'Systemby userBlackDiA
Yun LiFan who used to look down from the top,is now working like a slave just because she was dragged and bounded to this ridiculous system after waking up from her nap...
  • system
  • comedy-romance
  • bl
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