19: War

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I covered my face with my arm as Ivan splash me with his water gun.

"Attack!" They both shouted in unison as they continously shoot me with their water guns until they run out of water.

"Ahuh!" I playfully press my water gun before pointing it to them.

"We're under attack retreat!" They shouted again in unison before runing away from.

"Run as fast as you could both of you! Daddy is coming!" I said before chasing them.

"Got yah!" I laugh my heart out as I catch my sons  splashing them with my water gun until something hit my back and before I knew, I'm soaking wet.

"Your cheating!" I chuckled at Ivan who steal my water gun and splash Steve who also splashes hm water using the water hose.

"Enough you two" I said and fix them up.

"Daddy, where hungry" I look at Steve when he tugs my shirt while I was drying them.

"You gotta be kidding me kiddo. We just finished lunch" I said to him.

"Me too Daddy!" Ivan cutely whine at me which obviously his really not he's just supporting Steve so we can eat again.

I shake my head and kneel infront of me.

"You both are big good boys now. So listen up to Daddy. Don't eat to much, specially sweets or else their will be a villain bacteria that will eat your teeth, do you both like that?"

I explained to them which they nodded in understanding. I just make them understand because I notice that they really love to eat like literally they both eat almost 6 meals a day excluded with the snacks. I know its not good to control them but I was just doing my job as a father since they always eat most of the time are sweets specially ice cream.

"But Mommy said Daddy that if we will loss our teeth, a fairy will get it and change it to a gold money. So that's why we always eat sweets so that our teeth will be remove and we will have a lot of gold coins!" I was stunned at Steve's explation.

"Fine then" I said cheekily to them as they cheer up.

I was just really trying to make them stop eating sweet for the meantime but it seems that I don't have heart for stopping them, so I let my self forfreit for there happiness.

It's just the third day that I'm with them and I'm really doingmy best to cope the days that we were seperated. Days that I'm not there for them.

Ivan and Stve excitedly run towards our house and I just follow them.

"Steve! Ivan!" I call at them when I saw a familliar man heading towards them.

I stood there frozen.

"So, you already have, huh?"

I walk towards my soon and carry them both while looking at the man infront of me with anger.

"What do you want Dad?" I ask. But then Mom and Joy came rushing towards.

"Oh my dear, Wife. Have fun playing with me?" Dad said while eyeing Mom angrily. Mom just chuckled.

"Being wicked to a man who's also wicked is the funniest game I ever played" Mom answered before she shut the gates close.

She then look at as before saying.

"Prepare for a war"

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