1: Her Life

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I quickly wipe away my tears as I hear incoming steps. Just seconds passed finally the door opens revealing a gloomy aura Stevan. I immediately scowl down pretending to be okay in front of him.

"Is there a problem hubby?" I softly ask but he didn't mind answering me and just passed by me. I bow down.

What do I expect from him?

"Are you going out again? When will you come home?" I tag by him as he prepares his baggage. His usual routine every time he came home from business trips. Or something.

"Stevan can I at least know where will you going at?" Again he didn't give me a reply nor a glance. I sigh.

"Can't you at least accept it already that theirs a woman waiting for you every time you leave?" I utter those words with a hint of anger. But instead of continually getting mad at him, I step back as he approaches me with a threatening and deadly glare.

"Waiting?! Do you expect me to stay here with you?! No! And I will never be! You take away my freedom for everything! You destroyed my dreams for me! This" He pointed to me and him " Is just the little payment for everything you have done to me, you stupid woman!" He shouted.

And with that, he hurriedly packs his clothes inside his baggage and leaves the room closing the door with a loud thud.

I sigh again and close my eyes. I gotten used to it since we got maried but still I can't help myself from crying because of his cold treatment towards me.

"You'll be fine Joy.....you'll be fine" I cheered myself as I cry silently praying for my husband to accept me already.

He knows that it isn't my choice nor his for us to be in this place but because of our parents and for the sake of their freaking business status. But even though I don't want this kind of life I still accept it for the sake of him as my husband but why can't he accept me too?

Will I live this life forever? Being Unwanted?

But still, I do hope that one day he will see me as his wife too, just like other men looking lovingly at their spouses.

But it's all in my dream right?

Because I'm Joy Feliz Belear...

Stevan McHawkin's forever...


Starting from the day we tie the knots util my very own last breath, I will be his forever unwanted women.


If he really know about all of this, I hope that things may slowly change into something.

I may be his UNWANTED Wife but still I do hope to give chance to this commitment.

I hope.

I really hope that one day he will see me, and only me.

But who an I joking, right? I f from the start he always clarify it that he won't like nor accept me.

But a woman can hope right? Specially if you really love someone that your ready to accept and endure anything and everything that may come.

"One day Stevan. You'll see me. Only me"

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