25: I Love You

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I was  smiling widely looking at Joy and my son while cooking.

Steve and Ivan are both in the Island counter sitting while looking at Joy who is making a dough.

"What are you baking?" I ask her while slowly hugging her from behind.

"Nah. This two kiddos of years wants some doughuts, I told them just to buy since they really wanted it now but they requested me to cook for them. So, here I am" She explained and I just laugh a little before swiping her a little flour on her face.

"Stevan!" I laugh again before I walk towards my son.

"Make it fast, Wife were hungry" I jokingly demand at her while hugging my kids.

"How thick face you are? Why not help me here huh?" I shake my head smiling at him.

"You know that I'm not good in kitchen wife" I explained to her and we both laugh to what happened three days ago.

Its time for snacks now but Joy and Mom were both out while me and the kids were left in the house. It was good at first until they both want me to cook something for them.

"Cookies!" They shouted in unison.

Ad as a father who tried to cope up for all the days that I weren't with them.

I agreeded to them and tried my very best to cook one with the guide of youtube tutorial.

"Daddy is this really a cooky?" Ivan said while pointing at the black bread infront of them.

"hmm, yeah?" I embarassly look at them before I turn and cook again but long story short I ended up destroying the oven.



"You're  really a good cook Joy" I smile teasingly at Stevan while looking at them three eating my newly cooked doughnuts.

"So you're inlove to me now?" I ask teasingly before puting a chunk on his mouth.

"What if I do love?" He said suddenly making me stop in feeding him.

"Ha...hahaha" I laugh nervously while tappig my chest ad looking to my son who both look at me confused.

"Mommy? I love you" Steve suddenly said before biting to his doughnut. I immediately smile, kiss his cheek before replying.

"I love you too baby Ivan"

"Momma? I love you" Iva suddenly said also. And without hesitation I also kiss his cheek before replying.

"I love you too my baby Ivan" I reply happil to him and absentmindedly look at Stevan who also look at me intently.

"What?" I ask him confuse to why he is lookiing at me like he was longing but there is a small smile in his lips.

"You look a sick puppy there" I laugh at him before feeding him again.

"Joy? I love you" H esuddenly say halting me from feeding him.

Not knoowing how to answer.

I just look at him before I smile.

"Thank you" I answered as my eyes is clouded with tears.

He immediately look worried but then I laugh at him and the kids who's trying to wipe my tears away.

"Thank you" I look at Stevan and hold his face while looking at him sincerely.

"Thank you for finally loving me" I said and without thinking I press my lips to him.

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