33: Date 1

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While driving my other hand slowly crawl towards Joy's leg and gently hold her hands.

"Being sweet is not that bad right?" I chuckled a little at her remarks remembering on how we bicker earlier for me not being a sweet man to her.

"I wasn't prepared earlier so can you please forgive me now? And one more thing I've been apologizing to you since this morning so what's the fuzz again?"  I ask her thinking on how small things or mistakes lasts for an hour.

"Nah. It's just sometimes I'm shock of you being sweet and sometimes being rude. It seems like you have a split characteristic. Do you know that?" She said, While I in the other hand shakes my head.

"Be used to it sweetheart. That's me  being me so its either you accept it and love it or accept it and be used to it" I said chuckling at my options for her that she also laugh about.

"I think I have no choice in that, right? So, I will leave in the choice of me sucking up everything you can give and of what you can't" A warm smile crept in my face to her words. I glance at her a little before holding his hands towards my lips and give it a little kiss while still driving.

"I don't know what would i do in life JOy if you're not here. HOw could I live without an amazing woman like you" I said lovingly and we both chuckled to my cheeziness.

We become silent for a long time. BUt it is not the type of silence where you will get bored but instead its a type of silence where you can feel every emotion you could master while holding the hands of the girl you dreamed off.

I continue driving until we reach our destination for our today's date.

Since me and JOy reunited, I started to learn lot of thing between us. I will not do the same mistake for the second time around so I' really working hard so that the chance she gave to me wil not be wasted and that's what I'm doing now. Starting fom a little date that I can offer to her since this is the first ever date we will do since our marriage.

"Where are we?" JOw asked as i escort her out of the car while looking at the entrance gate whee there are also lot of people entering.

"I know that you are a nature lover but we are in the city where yyou can't see and be with nature but here we are. I'm bringing you to a place where you wanted to see those big leaves" I said to her and i smile when I saw her mouth agape and wide eyes while both her hands fisted and shakes like an excited kid she is.

"Really?!" I nodded and hug her side while walking towards the entrance.


My heart warms as I remember the other day's event where Stevan caught me searching some places near us where I can enjoy the vibe of being with the nature. And i can't believe that he will be bringing me to one of it specially the 'big leaves' as he said.

With excitement coating my whole system I drag him inside only to be shock of what I'm seeing now.


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