42: Arrested

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Rushing inside an abandoned warehouse where the police officers located my wife with the help of Oli, my secretary. But what he revealed to me almost knocks me out, his my half-brother my late mother is talking about. I want to have a grudge towards him but thinking of the days, chances that we can't be together. And as big brother I just let my anger slip away and just accept him specially now that he helped a lot by saying to us where Joy is. And also, Father will have a long time explaining things to us.

"Everyone ready?" I ask as we all nodded in unison before we silently walk inside. Its not been minutes since we step in but w all halted in our places when dim lights lighted the area and in front of us there stood Clarisse holding a gun pointing at Joy's head.

"Joy" I muttered in relief seeing her that she is unconscious now but the relief I felt immediately turned into terror when Clarisse lazily cocked the gun still pointing at Joy's head.

"Hello everyone! I guess you found me easily because of someone like a rat here, yeah?" She said tauntingly while looking at Oli before bursting into laughter.

"Gosh! I taught I will make another plan to kill you both McHawkin's brothers but as you see fate is on my side as it place the both of you here, the place where you will die tonight" She said as she approaches towards as.

"Clarisse! Stop this now! Or else you can't go outside alive" I threatened her but like a crazy woman, she just shrugged it off and bring something from his pants.

My body went cold when she shake the controller in her hands like she is checking it before waving it to us.

"See this guys? This will bring you to heaven immediately, don't you want it?" She ask like a kid but we all know that she's not.

"Your fucking insane Clarisse stop with this games now" Oli interjected and walk in front of me. When he stood in front of me, I silently signaled the officers with us that are currently hiding to capture Clarisse.

"Me? Insane? Are you nuts? You're the reason why I went insane you fucking dumbass!" Clarisse shouted and I couldn't help to feel sympathy to her.

She's been through a lot and all those things made her what she is now.

"I wish I really did help before" I muttered regretfully.

This will never happen if I did help her before, but I was blinded by anger when she cheated on me plus when Joy gone missing.

"I wish I had helped you before Clarisse" I said to her as she slowly sober up from laughing.

"I dreamed that you really did Stevan" She said.







"But that will never happen!" I scream in fury and without second thought I point the gun towards Stevan aiming him dead and immediately pulled the trigger.

"No!" Joy scream and smack me at the gut using her elbow.

"You bitch!" I tried to shoot her but then out of nowhere Oliver stood in front of me followed by another gunshots as I wince in pain.

"Oliver. Oliver!" I shouted in horror looking at Oliver who I shot as he slowly collapse in front of me while I is clutching my arm because of the shot.

"No.no.no.no.no.no" I shake my head in disbelief looking at his eyes that are slowly closing as I look at Stevan who is also had a shot in his stomach. I look at Joy who aided Stevan.

"This is all your fault!" I shouted getting up as I try to shoot her but then someone stopped me from approaching Joy.

My eyes fall down looking at Oliver who had a pleading look.

"Stop this already Clarisse, let's start another life, love. Just please stop all of this" He said pleadingly and before I know. Men in black and blue uniforms surrounded me.

"Clarisse Montealto, you're being arrested"

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