9: Accident

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The light feeling, the warmth, the emotions, the happiness, the moment, immediately snapped as I hear what he said.

I open my eyes and quickly stood up from his lap, taking slow but painful steps away from him covering my mouth in disbelief.

How could he?!

"Joy?" The anger that subsided since he treated me well surged again and corrupted every nerve inside me.

But instead of hurting or speaking to him. I step back.

Why the hell that I forgot that I wasn't his beloved?

Instead of venting my temper towards him, I'm angrier with myself because of that realization.

He was kissing me yet he called for the other woman's name and the best thing about it is...it wasn't my name, it was his other lover.

"Joy? Look I'm sorry" And that is what everything I need to burst into crying.

Why is he apologizing, is it because he mistook me for Clarisse or because he kiss me?

"Hey, it wasn't..." I didn't hear more words from him as I run out, quickly grabbing the keys from the table beside the door.

I storm out without looking back at him while he shouted my name. I pretended that I didn't hear him and just drove my car away.

Away from him.

"Ah!!!!" I shouted and punch the steering wheel with one hand as the other one blocks my mouth. Biting it to suppress myself from shouting.

Damn! I thought there would be a little change...even a little for every time that we bonded but...No!

"He doesn't like you! He doesn't love you! He loathed you, Joy! He hurt and threaten you because he doesn't like you! You moron!" I scolded myself.

"But I like...love you" I utter those wicked words with eyes soaking with tears.

I was going to turn my car sideways when a hard impact hit  me almost throwing me away.







I roll to the other side again as I impatiently tried to sleep. It's almost midnight now and I can't make myself sleep.

"Joy" Were the words that repeatedly plays in my mind.

I know what I did earlier but how, why did I utter her name while I'm kissing my very own wife?!

"Wife" I muttered and sit down as I comb my hair frantically.

"Fuck this feeling" I scolded my jerkness.

"Why did you let yourself fall to her?! It's not even a week since I tell her those stupid words of agreement yet here I am being a jerk and a cheater for the second time around."

I should have restrained my own.

"Yeah I should have stayed away from her instead of being with her"

I shouldn't kiss her.

" Yes, but" My words trailed as I put my hands in my chest where I can feel my heart that is pounding hard and fast-beating when suddenly I hear a car stop.

I shouldn't go run to her like a worried husband.

I nodded in agreement exactly as the door opens.

I shouldn't look at her and be with her again.

I nodded my agreement to myself and look upward only to be met with a bloody woman.


What the hell happened to her?

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