27: ICU

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I smile a little at my kids and Stevan who excitedly set up the blanket for our first ever ppicnic as a family.

"Come on Mommy!" I heave a deep breath as I walk faster towards them.

I don't know what's happening to me but this days I easily get tired and weak. Its like I've been working the whole week, but I'm not.

"Mommy can we swim?" I nodded at Steve who immediately submerge towards the sea and Stevan immediately followed.

"Mommy are you okay?" Ivan suddenly asks making me confuse at him.

"I'm okay baby, why?" I ask as I carry him and make me him sit in my lap.

"There blood in your nose Mommy, are you really okay?" He said worriedly and I quickly touch my nose and look at it.

When I saw that there's really a blood I immediately wipe it with my clothes and smile at Ivan who's teary eyed now.

"Ivan, baby" I kiss his forehead as I look at him.

"Promise me that you won't say this to Daddy or to anyone, okay?" I plead to him.

"Ivan?" Still worried and doubtfull to my words, Ivan on the other hand manages to nod at me ang hug me.

I hug him also as we both watch Stevan and Steve swimming and  playing in the sea like it was there very first to play with it.

"Go. Go to your Daddy and brother. Have fun" I said to Ivan and let him go.

Now, alone. A warm smile is plastered at my face looking at the three most preccious people in my whole life.

There's Ivan, my youngest and also the twin of Steve. Between him and Steve, Iva tend to be the clingy one.

Steve, my eldest. Like a big brother he is, Steve have this little attitude of being silent, he only opens to the people close to him specially his twin brother. I think his more of Stevan, but what makes me happy is the thing they both shared towards each other.

As a twin they are, they're inseparatable. Steve being the serious but jolly boy while Ivan being the clingy but a hard headed boy.

And finally, there's Stevan.

The man who I love before but I don't know if I still love him. But one thing is for sure that though I've been through my darkest point of llife because of him still the feeling the  tried to buried and forget is startig to rise again and I can't stop anymore.

Yes, I hate him for what he have done to me for the past years but since we reconcile again and started to make things right . I can't help but to slowly fall into him again for the second time around.

"But I hope, I hope that I willstill have the time to be with him. To be with them.

I hope so.

Still daze in my hopes, I was bring back to the reality when myy phone keep on beeping. I immediately fetch and look at it nlly to see Stevan's mother callling. I answered it.

"Mom?" I greeted at her but instead of the jolly and lively Mom that I knew. I was greeted by a weak and almost a lifeless voice.

"Joy? Can you all come here for the last time?" She said weakly and I immediately got worried specially to what she said.

"Mom? Where are you? Will meet you? And what happened to you?" I ask frantically as I put everthing in my bag preparing to live.

"Hospital.  ICU"

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