36: Rising Enemy

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"Mommy! Daddy! Wake up!" I groan in Stevan's chest as my two cute sons jump up and down on our bed.

"Steve baby, stop that, Mommy is sleeping" Stevan said in low voice as I feel my sons cooing between me and Stevan.

"Mommy is still asleep so just lay there and I will just prepare our food okay?" He said as I feel a lips giving me a kiss in the lips while both small hands are hugging my other arm.

"Mommy, wake up please. We are hungry" I hear Ivan murmur as I smile opening my eyes to greet them and hive them both a kiss.

"Are you both scared of Daddt's cooking?" I ask jokingly but deep inside I know that Stevan suck a little in cooking. He can cook cook but prepare your tongue on eating his cooked food. The thing is he is always confuse between the salt and sugar container, plus he doesn't really taste his cooking.

"Mommy is going to cook now" I said making my two son clap and carry Ivan while I hold Steve's hand down the kitchen.

"Stevan?" I call him while looking at him in confusion.

"What's wrong?" I ask and put Ivan on a chair before helping Steven to seat down afterwards I walk towards Stevan looking inside the fridge where he seriously looking.

"I forget to buy goods for this week Joy" He said sadly. I chuckled a little hugging him from behind as I rest my chin on his shoulder.

"We can dine outside you know. So don't be sad" I said patting his back before turning my back to call my kids.

"We will dine outside so prepare quickly okay?" I said and they both nodded.

"I will help them" Stevan offered and I just nod as I start cleaning some mess Stevan made.

"We should really hire some helpers dear husband" I said to myself when I finish cleaning the kitchen before going up and clean myself.







My eyebrows knotted while looking at someone who hides behind our parked car.

"Stevan?What are you looking at?" Joy ask and that's where I notice that they are looking at me confused.

"I just saw someone familiar" I said before feeding Steve.

"Why don't you look at it for awhile? Maybe its one of your friends?" Joy said while feeding Ivan.

"I'll be right back then" I said to her kissing there foreheads before I went outside looking around and to the place where that familiar person is looking at.

"Looking for me?" Looking behind me I saw a girl leaning at my car on the left side where Joy and others can't see on that side.

"Clarisse?" I ask feeling nervous gazing for a moment where Joy and my kids are happily eating.

"What are you doing here?" I ask in a calm tone hiding my true feelings.

"You don't have to hide that your pretty scared aren't you Stevan?" She said mockingly slowly picking something in her pants and my body went cold when I saw her playing with a knife.

"It's been so ling since I saw you Stevan, don't you miss me? Don't you want to fuck me right here?" My jaw clenched at her remarks remembering how she cheated on me. How she destroyed and manipulated me leading me to hurt Joy, but that was all before.

"Thaw was all in the past Clarisse so forget and let go of those shits" I said fisting my hand as I control my temper at by.

"You seem so happy now" She said smiling but her eyes says the other way.

"While I, is on a  pit of hell. Why don't you accompany me love? I'm prettysure that I'm more delicious than your bitch wife" She said.

"Don't! Don't you ever call my wife like that!" I shouted at her pointing my finger as I feel my temper is on its edge.

"Why? You are happy with her now? You don't love her right? So why act like that she's important to you? You used to love and be with me rather than being and making your wife happy" I sigh remembering everything at did to Joy.

"Clarisse I don't know what you are planning but please, I beg you. Don't ruin or come near to me anymore. I'm happy and making up with my family. Make a life of your own, let's just forget everything we had before okay? That was all in my past and to tell you the truth that was my biggest mistake. If I just listen to my own heart and not to your words, I will never ever hurt my wife like that" I said pleadingly hoping that she understand what I'm pointing about.

"I was in hell since you leave me Stevan and I won't let you live in heaven nor your family. I will make your life like a hell just like mine" She said devilishly before I hear loud explosion, sending me away, knocking me out.

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