12: Gone

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"Damn" I cursed as a striking pain hit my head.

"Are you okay?" I immediately look at my side when I saw Joy, who worriedly looked at me.

"Why are you..." I cut myself when I realized that I don't have any clothes.

"What happened?" Confusion and my temper are on their point as I realize something why I and Joy are both naked under the sheets.

"Stevan" She tried to touch me but I immediately slap her hands away and push her out of the bed.

"You!" I get off the bed and furiously went to her not minding if I'm still naked or not. The important thing is I have to punish her for what had she done.

"You trapped me to your little evil scheme!" I shouted at her full of anger as I slap her.

Heavily panting after I slapped her I walk backward suddenly realizing what I had done as I look at her face and a blood stain on her mouth.

"This!" I point to myself and her.

"Is all your fault. I tried to be a good husband to you even though I'm so sick of pretending as one, but this" I pointed to her again and myself.

"You just make realize a lot of things and you worsen everything, you little devil!" I said and went inside the bathroom immediately turning on the shower not minding as I hear soft sniffles outside.

I sighed when the cold water run on my body only to be stopped when something pops inside my head.

Why did I feel happy that we did the nasty thing last night?
1 week later...


"What the hell are you doing there?!" I closed my eyes as I hear Stevan's shout.

"Just a little minute" I said, wishing him to tone his voice.

"Damn it, you useless woman!" I closed my eyes again as I feel like vomiting again. Just a second later I throw up again.

"Clarisse has arrived I'll fetch her" Once again I hear Stevan's voice but this time is calmer than earlier.

"Suit yourself there bitch" He spat before I hear the room's door loudly shut.

"I'll be fine" I said to myself before washing my face and going out of the room preparing everything before I will be out to his life for the meantime.

"Goodbye love" I said as I put the letter and the medical papers on the nightstand before I went inside the closet and grab my belongings.

"I hope you'll realize soon" I said as I look at our room and the papers one last time.

Carrying my duffel bag I went outside the house and held a cab.
Riding towards the airport.

While riding I bitterly smile to myself as I caress my stomach.

"I hope you'll soon be a good father" I said to the air before the cab stopped.

I immediately pay the driver before going out and was immediately meet by a woman who smile at me sympatheticly.

"I hope you'll be good for the meantime. I will call you from time to time, okay?" She said as she guides me to my destination.

When my plane name was called I immediately turn to Mom and hug her.

"I hope this will end soon Mom. I hope that everything will finally put to its right place" I said before bidding er goodbye.

Your downfall is soon, darling. You thought your the only oe who has brains here? Well you thought wrong.

Because in the game there must be at least two player...

"And I don't like lossing" I said to myself before I turn around and went out from the airport.

"Soon Joy. Everything will be in there right place" I said and smiled wickedly.

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