16: Plan

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As I ended the call, I immediately drove to the place that has been my fortress for the past years.

When I got home, I immediately went inside but confused when I saw my mother with Joy.

"Mom?" I ask my mother confused.

"Before you'll speak a word or lash out to Joy, you listen to me first" I diverted my gaze from Joy to my own mother whose looks are still the same as when we last met only that her hair has some white ones.

"Fine" I surrendered to my mother as she guided me to sit on a sofa here in my house while they sit on the opposite side, a table between us.

"You've been deceived son" Those were my mother's most serious words she had ever spoken to me.

"What?" I tried to process what she said which makes me look at her even more confused.

Deceive? By what? By whom?

And as if she can read my mind she answers me with the words that almost knock me out.

"Your father"

STELLA'S POV (Stevan's Mother)

"Have you never wondered why for all these years your father didn't announce you as his heir?" I watch my son's reaction as ask him that question.

"It's already on his will and testament Mom" He answered which makes me chuckle.

Oh, poor boy.

"Well breaking news...that was a fake document" I said to him while looking into his eyes who held a lot of questions.

"You may look up to your father as if he was a hero, but you were deceived, son. The reason why he didn't renounce yet from his position is because he was blinded by greed and all he wants now is to have that company throughout his life.

And since you not aware of what is the situation really is let me tell you this.

Before getting married to your father I already sense what kind of person is he. And my hunch is proven when I got pregnant with you. I find out that he was cheating on me. And to ensure your future I secretly stole his documents and my documents naming them all to you. I thought before that with that plan I can ensure that everything that we have will be yours. But as wicked as he can be, he faked a document and named it someone else which is Clarisse's husband now.

And his evil plan worsens when I set up marriage to you and Joy. Joy was my dearest friend's daughter. Though it may seem that we married you for the sake of money, it isn't.

I let you marry Joy and be your wife since one of the requirements where you can have everything that we have is to first have a wife and especially kids. The day that you met Joy was the day that my plan started.

I use Joy, your real beloved to protect everything that you must have and especially, you"

I explain him the tip of the iceberg. But what he does next makes me nnoy at my very own son.

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