2: Cheat

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"Oh my gosh!" I smile as I hear my best friend squeal.

"Besty!" And there she goes again giving me her breath-taking bear hug.

"Aly!...c-can't breath" I tap her back.

"Oh! sorry, I'm just so...so happy! Look at you!" I smiled at her as she check my whole body.

"I'm getting jealous now! Why aren't you getting old even a year older, huh?" I chuckled at her remarks.

"Aly me I remind you that you're really older than me huh? A year older than me precisely" She gave me a pouting look that makes me laugh. Gosh! I miss her!

And with that, I hug her again.

"Glad that your back now besty" I said to her still embracing each other.

By the way she's Aly Stanfort, my bestfriend.

She just arrive from Europe where she works and lives for the past years and I'm so glad that we meet and still friends after all this years.

No that we miss each other I can't help myself from chucklig when we started chatting non-stop .

Minutes passed I still found myself talking to Aly nonstop while we are no in a coffee house having our time to chitchat more.

She just got home from London. She's been my best friend since high school and to make it short.

We part ways after we graduated from college. She started to work her dream job as a fashion designer while I got married to Stevan. She's been there to my wedding before she flew to Europe and conquer her dreams. We had the same dreamjob that's why I'm so happy for her that she really become one. At least in that way I can also feel that I reach my dream job. Though there's a little part of me that regrets for not doing anything I ca to reach and live a life that I really dreamed of. Nontheless, I'm still contented off the life that I have today with Stevan.

And speaking with him.

"Give me a minute" I said to Aly and she just nodded as I stood up to answer Stevan's call.

"Hubby?" I answer him with joy in my voice, I can't help it though since this is the first time that he ever called me since we got married two years ago and since his gone for his trip since last week.

But the happiness I'm feeling immediately goes away as I hear a girl's voice in the other line.

Who is she?

My can't help to feel anxious to what I'm thinking now.

I hope its not.

"Oh, are you Stevan's another girlfriend?" She asks strictly and mockingly. I gulped.

This can't be.

"Hmm...No" I nervously answered her while keeping myself not burst out crying because of the stinging pain that was slowly eating my whole system.

No...Stevan didn't want me but he will never ever cheat on me!

I pray.

But no...the next thing brokes my whole.

My mind...

My heart...

My body...

My soul...

My love...

"Who are you talking to love?"

It's clearly Stevan's voice.

"How could you do this Stevan?" I ask full of pain as my mind slowly went blank and my body got numb.

He really is.

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