8: Clarisse

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"Hahaahaha!" I laughed out loud as I slap into Joy's face the plate full of whip cream and wipe it through her hair.

"You--You lose hahaha!" I laughed again as she pouted for the nth time. We've been playing snakes and ladder for an unknown reason until we decided that whoever losses must have whip cream in its face and guess?

I won the entire time that's why she looks like a little snowman made of whip creams and what makes it funnier is, that I can only see her eyes and mouth with a matching ping-pong ball to his nasal area plus a scarf that makes me laugh.

She looks like a little snowman.

"You're unfair!" She yelled while slapping me with the board.

"No! Its your fault ahahahha!" I laughed again but I immediately stop when she suddenly slap me also with a plate full of whip cream.

"Woha" I agape and just like that, I stood up from the floor held that whip cream spray, and attack her with it.

"Stevan!" She laughed as I caught her by the waist and shower her with the cream.

"Hey, that's unfair!" She objects and snatches the cream from me showering me also with it.

"Hey!" I yelled at her also stepping back to avoid the cream until I suddenly fell.

"Ah!" I closed my eyes as I tugged Joy closer to me and we both fell to the floor.

I groan a little because of the fall. That hurts.

"Stevan?" Her sweet little voice called me and I smile as I met her dazzling eyes.

I keep looking into her eyes and without reason, we both laugh our hearts out only stopping when we were both catching our breaths.

"This is cool!" I giggled and roll us over.

But that's when I realize what our position is.

"You look so small from here" I said staring at her under me.

"And you look like a big alpha wolf above me" She said chuckling but immediately stop when she noticed that what she said hit something inside me.

Alpha. Alpha loves domination.

"I'm not but I can be." I said to her as I slowly lean towards her and capture her small pinkish lips.

"Hmm" I groan as I tasted and lick her lips off because of the cream.

I do know what I'm doing but the strange feeling inside just takes over my whole system as I continue. Joy makes it more exciting when she responded.



We both uttered our names as we set apart a little from the kiss catching both of our breaths.

"We should continue this somewhere more comfortable" I said and stood up scooting her.

With her legs around my waist and arms around my neck, we both seat on the sofa, and without further ado...


I kiss her again simmering this warm feeling in my chest since I met her.

Yes...I loathed her to the core because of this wedding but that's not all. I also acted as if I hated her because of this strange feeling in my chest that makes me confused to what rreally am I feeling towards her and forget everything except her.

This is really good to be true.


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