10: Desperate

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I hurriedly went to her only to stop by my track when she look at me blankly.

"Are you okay?" I ask her and I try to touch her cheek but she slaps my hands away.

"Joy what happened to you?" I ask full of concern.

I hella knew that it was my fault.

I follow her when she goes inside the bathroom, watching her as she washes the blood away only to see some cuts on her.

Her bleeding arm angers me.

"Who the hell did this to you?!" I stride towards her and gently caress her bleeding arm.

"Joy tell me what happened to you so that I can punch that moron till he passes away" I said anger filled my voice as I look into her eyes only to be met by her cold and empty stares.

"Then punch your self" She said as she passed by me. I stood there rooted to her words.

"I tried Joy. I tried" I say to myself slowly looking at the door where I can see her changing clothes.

For those days that I become perhaps a real husband to you Joy. I tried to like or love you but...but I couldn't.

"I'm sorry wife" I bowed my head feeling a little bit guilty about what I have done to her.


"Here you can use it" I look at Stevan blankly.

Do you know that feeling when you tried your very best to ignore someone but that pest never stops pestering you?

That is what I'm feeling now as I look at him still lending his shirt to me. I look away muttering the next painful words.

"I heard that your lover is coming back soon. You better prepare something to make her happy don't let her feel the pain that you are giving to me" I said and walk away but I immediately stop when he strongly grip my hand causing me to wince in pain.

"Stevan! It hurts!" I shout at him. But I immediately stop when I saw that very familiar cold stare.

"Now that you knew who I love, better make things easy for us" He said before he passed by me.

"I will, but not now" I say to myself.

I'll make sure that I will wreck your world two weeks from now Stevan. I'll make sure that the woman you we're ignoring and trying to forget will be the only thing that you will remember even until your last breath.

And with that I went upstairs change my clothes before driving to a store.

"I love you and I won't let someone take you entirely away from. I will do everything even it will cost my life"

No pain...

No gain.

With a full determination to make him fall to me and to completely be mine. I went to a friend who knew a lot about medicines.

Drastic situation calls for a desperate action.

" Stevan. If you only knew that everything I've done is all for you. Everytime I stay with you inspite of the ache is all for you. So, why can't you see me for once? Why can't you love me for once again like the old times?" I said to muy self before jumping out to the car heading to a pharmacy.

As I enter I immediately look for the person who planned everything .

"You're here" She say smiling at me. I smiled back.

"Its's time, Mom"

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