26: Picnic

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I sigh in relief as I caress Joy's shoulder. What I told her yesterday is a half bake feeling but I'm willing to make it true for the sake of our ralation. I want to make everything right now.

"What are you thinking?" Joy suddenly ask me. I cough a little  before looking at here.

"You know that I'm getting there right?" I ask her hoping that I want hurt here by myy words, but she looks fine.

"I understand wht you are feeling right now Stevan. Love is a feeling not to be learned but feel. So, its okay for me if your love right now is just a half feeling" I nodded feeling relieve for her understanding.

"I will make everything to fall into you" I promise to her and kiss her forehead.

"You don't have to push that feeling Stevan. If you're ready then feel it but if your not just let it flow. Don't push it hard so when time comes you won't regret loving me" She murmured making me sigh.

"I actually don't knowwhy I can't love you easily. But to tell you the truth. Eversince that I met you though I hurt you a lot I can't subside the feeling of belonging, warmth and security when I'm with ou. It's just something is really bothering me. Especially when Mom said that you were my first love"

She keep uite as she caress my chest smoothly.

"It will be hard for me and for everyone Stevan. But I promise you now that whatever hapepens wether we love each other or not. I will stay. I will stay by your side and never let go of you" She said making my heart pound specially when she hold my hand and gently kiss it while looking at me sincerely.

"Your making me flutter" I tease.

"The truth is. This is one of my dreams. A dream I didn't thought that will be come true. And that wish is being with you. Being with your arms while holding me" She laugh a little but I know it was a happy one.

I look at her and caress her cheek.

"Again. Im very sorry for everything I've done to you. And as my promise I will do everything to make you happy and our kids. I will make this family  stronger. I will complete our family" I promise to her and sigh as I think of some ways on how to make Joy and my sons happy.

I'm not with them for almost three years that's why I'll do everything to cope the days that I'm not with there and start a new chapter of my life where I should be taking care of my wife, my kids. Making them my love. And make this family true at once.

Now that my father's secret was revealed I can finally understand now why everything is a mess now. I'm not sayig that it is all my father's fault cause the thing is, if I didn't follow him and do some investigations. I might not hurt my wife and kids now we could have been the happiest family.

But its to late to regret all I can do now is to do my responsibility that I shifted for two years, plus three years.

And that's being a Father to Steve and Ivan, my twins.

And a Husband to Joy, the woman who still stayed and did everyhingfor my sake evethough I've been a jerk to her through out this years.

With determinition I look at Joy again who's silently leaning in my shoulder.

"Let's go picnic"

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