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Undeniable Chemistry by Purple_Flowers24
Undeniable Chemistryby 《 euphoria 》
This is book one in the Undeniable Trilogy. Lorenzo Moretti. The man she can't forget. The man that gave her everything and then ripped it all to shreds. But he did give...
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Unwanted mate by O2L-are-baes
Unwanted mateby Emm
"I feel sorry for whoever your mate is your fat,ugly, and you can't even turn plus you don't have any parents and why is that? OH right you. killed. them. I'm prett...
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Virtue & Vanity (Original version) by astridjaneray
Virtue & Vanity (Original version)by Astrid Jane Ray
When Isabelle Walsh ended up being forced into a loveless marriage with a rich heir Sebastian Everett, she thought that saying I do was the worst of it. On her wedding n...
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Anastasia's baby  by whiteteasucks
Anastasia's baby by whiteteasucks
Anastasia has to be married to Romeo Laurent to create peace with their families. Anastasia falls pregnant with his baby but he couldn't careless. {Highest rank - #1 Maf...
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Unwanted Wife • Jikook Fanfic by Jiminnati
Unwanted Wife • Jikook Fanficby Aegiya
"I call myself his babysitter rather than his wife" Date started: Apr. 08,2017 Date ended: ------
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Brothers by toutxoxo
Brothersby toutxoxo
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SHADED by theraregirl22
"What do you want?" He asked her coldly Nora was shocked with his behavior. Didn't he know she was pregnant and he was going to be father? Didn't Samantha info...
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The Girl Who Broke Me {CULLEN #2}✓ by RehaJacob
The Girl Who Broke Me {CULLEN #2}✓by ❤️Rᴱᴴᴬ Sᵀʸᴸᴱs❤️
[STAND ALONE NOVEL, UNEDITED||16+ only] "Eric, Did you sleep with her ?" I knew his answer nonetheless I waited for his reply. I knew it would break me and sha...
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VERDICT OF LOVE by favourakpofure
VERDICT OF LOVEby favourakpofure
"I am pregnant, " I say looking into his eyes intensely but his face is emotionless. "what? " he asks stunned, he paces around for few minutes "...
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The Undisclosed Union by Bubblydana
The Undisclosed Unionby Bubblydana
Katelyn Victoria Darcy, daughter of the late Viscount of Montgomery, whose privilege life has a drastic, changed when her father died. His death revealed the secret of t...
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A Burning Rejection by Realityunknown
A Burning Rejectionby Charlie
{Completed} Jessie Brown once had a normal life, a normal family, friends and a pack. But a hurricane swept over her life and completely turned everything upside down. S...
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A Princess Pride is her Title : The Most Beloved Princess by LAmerica06
A Princess Pride is her Title : Th...by LAmerica
Princess Emerald is the 38th Princess of the Kingdom of Larksen. The King, her father, can only recognized his 12 sons and their biological sisters or 6 princesses.Sadly...
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Deal With The Devil by bjorghalla
Deal With The Devilby Bjorg Halla
Fawn Thorne is a newly eighteen years girl from a wealthy family, her life is nothing but a fairytale dream come true. She has her Prince Charming, friends that she can...
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Unwanted... Nonessential Season 2 by barnes_dornan
Unwanted... Nonessential Season 2by barnes_dornan
Season 2 of Unwanted
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Strength Of Steel. by SaoiMarie
Strength Of Steel.by SMarie
Book One of the Forged Series. Aviana Birchwood's world crumbles when the Keep of the Dratlan Elves where she has lived since she was a girl is attacked and torn apart...
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The Hidden Servant by CrazedTemptations
The Hidden Servantby CrazedTemptations
⚠️!Omega Verse!⚠️ Once young and a small prince, kicked out to the roads for a mistake he didn't make. Years passed and he became a useless servant, an unused, pushed ar...
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Soulmates by RoyallyBad
Soulmatesby RoyallyBad
In our world, everyone has a destined soulmate. But not everybody gets the honor of meeting their special someone, the one person that would love you unconditionally for...
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Mufeedah by arummees
Mufeedahby arummees
This book is about two people who were arranged to marry each other although they were not in love with each other. They learn to love each other as he is forced to mar...
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The Rejected Returned by V3Music
The Rejected Returnedby Ellie or Ells
My name is Skylar, I'm 17, I am abused by my pack, they thought i killed my parents. I didn't, i was just there. I cook, I clean, I do their homework and get used as the...
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Rebirth of the Villainess: Unfortunate Reincarnation  by KatanaAnimeLovah
Rebirth of the Villainess: Unfortu...by AnimeOtakuLover💎🐚🕸
Tyler was a highschool girl who was fond of anime, manga and otome games in other words she was a otaku girl. Her father was an agent who worked under the government, wh...
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