32: Date

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My peaceful sleep was interrupted when I feel two cuties who cheerfully wakes me up while jumping up and while I'm still in Stevan's arms.

"My babies" I greeted them when they finally stop jumping and both of them jump at the top of us.

"Good morning Mommy and Daddy!" Both of them shouted their greetings to us.

"Morning to my sons" Stevan greeted them back and look at me before kissing my temple for a greeting.

"Goodmorning Joy" I smile at him and kiss the tip of his nose.

"Good morning too Stevan" I greeted back only to laugh when I her both my sons making a disgusting sound like they're are  vomitting as Stevan kiss me in my lips.

"Why? Can't I kiss your beautiful mother?" He asked teasingly to our sons.

"Eww!" And with that they both jump off the bed and run towards the door. Closing the door I sigh and chuckled a little as I hear them calling out for their grandfather and shouting what just happened inside our room.

"They're so loud" I look at Stevan who is still cuddling on me.

"I think they inherited it from  you" I said as he look at me disapprovingly.

"Me I remind you JOy that I'm as quite as the night? So. I think there loudness was inherited from you" I shake my head to what he said.

"We both know Stevan that I'm also a silent peson" I said and hug him tighter only to loosen a bit when i hear his next words.

"I think they inherited it from Mom. She is a lively and talkative person back then. Not that they're kids but, yeah, I think they are as loud as my Mom" He said. I look at him and gently tap his chest.

"Stevan i know it hurts losing the most precious woman in your life but think of it Stevan. Mom wouldn't like seeing you so sad everytime you talk about her. Why not be happy for her? I know that it hurts but we both know that she is in the good place now, so please be happy fo her. Okay?" He didn't answer and just nodded while tightening his embace to me as he repeatedly kiss my forehed.

"Let's go on a date" He bluntly said making my eyes roll.

"I think i will agree if you only saiy it with a little sweet tone on it" I said before getting off the bed and walk towards the bathroom.

"Hey, Joy! Come on, let's go to a date!" He shoted and i just laugh as i close the door before cleaning myself.

I wipe off the rice near Steve's mouth who eat fastly like they are having an eting contest with Ivan.

"Slow down kiddos" I said hile putting food on Joy's plate.

"et thm be son" I shake my head as Dad agree with his grandsons actions.

"By the way Dad. Me and JOy are going out for a date can you please look for them for hours?" I ask my father while drinking water. He raised his hand with a thumbs up while also drinking water.

"I'm okay with it. I also want to bond with them more" I nodded to before I look to Joy leaning near her ear as I whisper.

"Prepare and be beautiful today, My Joy"

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