5: Scared

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I choke her because of what she said.

Damn her!

"Do you think I will give you some freedom?!" I shouted at her still choking.

"You brought this upon your self! You could have declined that stupid wedding agreement, but, No!" I press at her neck tighter as she fight me to let go.

"Your the one who signed first and lead us to this fuck up situation so ownn it up. Suck it up. Endure it. This was all your fault" I said but then I immediately stopped when she stopped moving.

"Fuck!Joy!" I don't know why I feel this shit! Fuck!

I immediately and slowly laid her on the sofa as I tap her cheek.

What have I done?!

Did I kill her just now?!

"Hey wake up!"I shouted at her and thank goodness she slowly opens her eyes.

Then my eyebrows furrowed as I slowly get her away from me. Why did I suddenly feel that strange feeling towards her?

"You should have killed me" I got out of my riverie because of what she said.

"I won't do that to you, though I hated you to the core you're still my wedded wife" I spoke as she shook her head.

"No husband wants to hurt his wife to death" She say and walk away adnd  without thinking I immediately grabbed her hands taken us both aback.

What the hell are you doing Stevan?!

I shake my head and let her hands go.

"Change into pretty, we will dine outside" I offer.

Maybe that's why I acted strangely because I feel a little bit guilty as I choked her minutes ago.

"No. I'm fine just have a nice day" She said again and walks away but this time I didn't stop her.

Joy Feliz Belear

Why does your name lost its meaning?

"I should do something"


I caressed my neck as I thought what happened earlier.He should have killed so that I won't live in misery.

But alas.

"What are you thinking about?" I turn my head to the door as I watch Stevan approaches.

Why is he still there?I thought he went with his lover?

"Nothing, just thinking how useless I am" I answered slowly lying down on the bed.

"You should really feel that way since it's your fault" He said.I closed my eyes.

"Yeah, It's my fault and that's why I'm correcting it now" I said and looked at him.

"So, why don't you go with your lover?" He shrugged.

"Mom thinks that I really have a surprise for you so I must do something" I close my eyes again.

"Give me a month Stevan and I promise everything you wanted will come true"


I palmed my face as I walked out to our room.What does she mean by 'one month'?

"Your planning wickedly Joy" I grin and think of what she said.

Does all the threat I give sinks to her head now? If she means that everything will come true, does it mean...

"Stevan?" I turn my head to the stairway as Joy walk down wearing a simple floral dress.

Did she change her mind?

"Are you going out with me now?" I asked her.

"Yes, I want to be with you all the time till this week ends"

My eyebrows knotted as I feel something off in her words.Why does she sound like she's going to die or leaving me?

And most importantly.

Why do I feel scared?

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