4: Divorce

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After I send Clarisse to her condo after our litte time to each other, I immediately drove back to my house and was greeted by my parents.

Hell, what's happening now?

Did she tell my parents?!

With trembling hands of anger I ru off towards the door and enter. I was slowly walking towards the stairs when I hears muffle voices then my mother emerge from the living room that was divided by a glass wall.

"Oh, son? Where have you been? Were waiting for you for an hour now. Have you forgotten what is this day?" My mother asked as she flash me her sweetest smile. I silently gulp.

If this woman really told my parents this will be her end.

"What is this day about Mother?" I ask. She narrowed her eyes at me.

"Gosh! Stevan! It is your wife's birthday and your wedding anniversary, have you forgotten?!" I chuckled.

So she didn't tell my parents, good job...wife.

But the thing is I really forget that its her birthday and our wedding anniversary today.

But who cares?

Not that we really celebrate it, coz we don't really celebrate those horrible days of our life, specially the wedding anniversary date.

It disgust me to the core.

"I do remember Mother but it's just I'm currently preparing a surprise for her but you tell her that it was our wedding anniversary. And yeah, you just broke my plan Mom" I pretended.

But I know that Joy knows that it was all a lie.

"Oh is that so?" Mother chuckled but as I look at my father he just grins. A mischievous grin.

"Do your thing son we will just pass by again here maybe for dinner" My Dad said and they both went out. What a relief.

In our family, it's only me and Dad that know about my cheating and everything that Dad is doing. And that's what we were keeping from Mother. This secret.

When my parents' car disappear the smile that was plastered on my face was gone as I turn to my wife who was looking at me blankly.

"Did you say a thing?" I coldly ask her and she just shakes her head.

I slowly approach her and gently caress her chin whhile looking at her with fury in my eyes.

"Good. Now prepare something for tonight and make some decorations for yourself and as always, pretend that I was being the most wonderful husband you could ever have. Understand?" She nodded silently that makes me stunned.

Hmm...that's odd. In times like this, she will immediately nag me to accept her but now she keeps her mouth shut. What did Clarisse say to her to shut her up?

I smiled at that thought. My beloved is a badass.

I was cheering Clarisse in my mind silently and when I look at Joy she's now walking away from me.

She really didn't bug me now. Something is wrong with her.

With that thought I follow her and grab her hand turning her to face me.

"What's wrong?" I ask, trying to understand the situation now. But what she said next really wants me to laught out loud.

"Stevan...let's get a divorce"

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