•°•My Little Tsun~Tsun•°•  ♥Travlyn♥

•°•My Little Tsun~Tsun•°• ♥Travlyn♥

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Katelyn Firefist lives in the state of O'khasis and goes to O'khasis Prep. She's an outsider. Has no friends, lives on her own. No one ever speaks to her or is very fond of her. All the other girls are fangirls and snobs. She's not like them. She's normally quiet and alone. The guys are just total jerks. So she has no one to befriend. 

Shay she doesn't know, is that she has an admirer. Someone she had heard of, but never spoken to. His name was Travis Valkrum. He was just like any guy in O'khasis prep. Tall, flirty, narcissistic. But he was total sweetheart on the inside. And is madly in love with Katelyn. And he desperately wants her, and her only.  

These two have never spoken. Not even once! But that will all change one day. 

When Katelyn gets a letter from a secret admirer, she becomes paranoid and tries to find who the admirer is. It seems she's so far from finding the answer but little does she know, the answer is much closer. What's that mean? You'll have to see!


Finally! A Travlyn fanfic! Yaaas! Just so you know, this book will have updates daily! Hope you guys like it!


I thought this was a My Little Pony reference. Oops! Well, I've been so obsessed with Travlyn lately that.. I'm reading this anyways!
Omfg, just read this with the undertale music and I was like " damn this is sooo good. "
It's not boring but it is interesting.😍😘
                              Please update. Take your time with writing another chapter. 😇
That awkward moment when you've never watched Steven universe
Jury0f9 Jury0f9 Aug 02
Woah woah woah.
                              Minecraft's block- Lapis Lazuli
                              Steven Universe Gem Girl- Lapis Lazuli
                              Sooooo, is Lapis an ore? XD wtf is wrong w/ me
That anime took my feels, stomped in them, threw them away the recycled them