Is This Love or Just A Game?                ||Aaron X Reader Book 1|| by _sparklingblossom
Is This Love or Just A Game...by love tom holland💓
Your a werewolf. You have a best friend named Blair and a brother named Christopher. You were never interested into games but when Christopher shows you a game..you surp...
  • aaron
  • aphmau
  • xreader
The Jerk Behind The Door (Aaron X Reader) by WriterDaine1124
The Jerk Behind The Door (Aaron X...by Daine
(Y/N) was always serious, the one that gets into many fights, and she would always win. No one knows how does she do it and only she and her family know. They thought th...
  • aaron
  • aphmau
  • wattys2017
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What I Like About You: A Ro'meave Brothers X Reader //SLOW UPDATES// by JustAnotherDream_15
What I Like About You: A Ro'meave...by Grace
"So it's settled. Ms. L/N will join you on tour." Well, we're fucked. ✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️ The Ro'meave Brothers. If you haven't heard of them, y...
  • aaron
  • chan
  • katelyn
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Crazy Emo Dorks (Zane x Reader) by ThePastelKitty
Crazy Emo Dorks (Zane x Reader)by Kitty
"Y/N! Wake up! It's all over!" Travis yelled. "It's never going to be over." I whispered and my eyes shut. ➳ "Y/N?" Zane asked, holding my...
  • zenix
  • travlyn
  • vyald
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She's my pup (Katelyn × Reader) by crazyfanlove
She's my pup (Katelyn × Reader)by Grim
We sat on her couch. Cups of hot chocolate in our hands. I took a shaky breath. She was beautiful really. I wasn't sure about having a mate. But if it's her I can handle...
  • aaron
  • mystreet
  • katelyn
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Don't Forget Me ( MCD Boy's x Reader ) by FreeFlyer68
Don't Forget Me ( MCD Boy's x Read...by FreeFlyer68
( Your name ) was tired of Running. Running from O'Khasis, from Zane, from her past. She was supposed to shoot her deer for food. When two guards interfere and take her...
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My Perfect Mistake by SimplyAmber96
My Perfect Mistakeby Amber
Every girl in school idolizes Aaron Evans, the school player. He's drop dead gorgeous, football captain, has a hot body, and not to mention those gorgeous blue eyes. But...
  • sophia
  • love
  • daddy
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My Only~ Aarmau AU by Chrisrandumbness
My Only~ Aarmau AUby ChrisTheMist
After college I moved in with Kaitlyn and Kawaii~Chan or Nana. We moved to MyStreet with all of our friends, and before I knew it I grew close to one very specific one. ...
  • aaronxaphmau
  • aphmauxaaron
  • mysteeet
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Aphmau Boyfriend Scenarios by miss-fanfictions
Aphmau Boyfriend Scenariosby miss-fanfictions
This includes! Gene~ Dante~ Laurence~ Travis~ Vylad~ Zane~ Aaron~
  • laurence
  • boyfriend
  • shot
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Rejected, Pregnant, and Special by kourtneybooks18
Rejected, Pregnant, and Specialby Kourtney
Aspen Reynolds is 17 years old. She is the future Beta, being the first born in her siblings gives her that right. Her 18th birthday is tomorrow. Tomorrow is a very spec...
  • mates
  • aaron
  • beta
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7 Minutes In Heaven (Mystreet) by FreeFlyer68
7 Minutes In Heaven (Mystreet)by FreeFlyer68
You live on Mystreet along with all your friends from high school. Katlyn decides to bring back memories from when you were young. One memory in particular was when she...
  • garroth
  • 7minutesinheaven
  • x-reader
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What Would Happen if Aphmau Characters used Twitter by PotatoAphmauNugget14
What Would Happen if Aphmau Charac...by Fallen Angel
Read the title Their usernames will change once in a while
  • daniel
  • twitter
  • blaze
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You Belong To Us (trap house) by hopeless-ramantic
You Belong To Us (trap house)by Hopeless Romantic
Emily just turned eighteen. She hates her life and hates her "parents". When her aunt sells her to a group of YouTubers she doesn't know how to feel. She find...
  • fun
  • samgolbach
  • erotic
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Help me// A Colby Brock fanfic by 01AntiSocial01
Help me// A Colby Brock fanficby .....
Eccedentesiast: (n.) A person who fakes a smile
  • adolences
  • romance
  • golbach
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This can't be real // hamilsquad x reader by yvsvsy
This can't be real // hamilsquad x...by ;)
❌ may be a mature book ❌ Cover art belongs to Szin from yt
  • philiphamilton
  • hamilsquad
  • aaronburr
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We're Dallas They're Dolan by Teen_Dolan
We're Dallas They're Dolanby Dallas Dolan
Nessa Dallas is Cameron Dallas Little sister. She is as famous as Cameron. She always has her brother and her best friends the Dolan Twins by her side. Read the story to...
  • grayson
  • wattys2018
  • sierradallas
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The new girl {Completed} by LovelyShifah
The new girl {Completed}by Shifah
Grace Cooper is a fighting girl. She lived with her brothers Grayson and Ace. Her mother worked day and night but spent her money on drinking. She shifted to her new sc...
  • fighting
  • loveatfirstsight
  • friendstolovers
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BLS #1 : Red String of Fate by beyondlocks
BLS #1 : Red String of Fateby Janice Martana
BLS #1 Aaron Samuel He's a billionare that gets worship by women and hate by man. He never fails to make girls screaming for him , he never tried hard to get a girl. All...
  • love
  • series
  • hate
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colby brock imagines by arqxntfire
colby brock imaginesby romy:)
just some imagines about a boy i can't have
  • traphouse
  • webber
  • jake
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An Emblematic Woman ● S. Reid | ✓ by 1spotlight1
An Emblematic Woman ● S. Reid | ✓by Kailie
A year after the tragic death of Maeve Donovan, Spencer Reid hasn't been able to fully recover. It may not be possible to recover from something so horrible. That is, u...
  • prentiss
  • hotchner
  • spencerreid
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