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Those Eyes『Aaron x Reader』 by paria__
Those Eyes『Aaron x Reader』by im hungry
"We have a lead. The Ultima studies at Phoenix Drop High. Both of them study there" * In her last school she didnt do a good job at keeping this little secret...
  • xreader
  • aaron
  • highschool
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That One Werewolf (Aaron X Reader) by AwesomeGirlyWarrior
That One Werewolf (Aaron X Reader)by Ash_The_Golden_Warrior
Y/n L/n is going to Phoenix Drop High as a Freshman. She's the younger sister of Blaze. She is 15, and she's been homeschooled for 3 years. Her dad just got a new job. I...
  • aphmau
  • xreader
  • fanfiction
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Group Chat [Mystreet AU] {Book 1} (Completed) by katgamez2000
Group Chat [Mystreet AU] {Book 1}...by ~Kat~
*WARNING* -This story includes heavy themes such as mature language; sexual reference; kidnapping; murder; suicide reference; etc. ~~~ Thirteen people met in an online g...
  • vylad
  • aaron
  • garrance
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A Saving Love ~ Aarmau AU by A_Random_Llama
A Saving Love ~ Aarmau AUby bury a friend
You know that girl. The one who always has her nose in her book. The one who you call a dweeb. The girl who NEVER seems happy. She seems emotionless. Under that all, the...
  • deppresion
  • aaron
  • aarmau
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个According To Plan个 by Purplla
个According To Plan个by ✨Jazz Hands✨
Aphmau's parents are in desperate need of money. They just don't know how to get it. Until an oppuntity pops up. A marriage. Into a very RICH family. Into the Lycan Fami...
  • aphmau
  • purplla
  • aarmau
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Bring You Back || Aphmau Fanfiction  by uchihaface
Bring You Back || Aphmau Fanfictio...by echo
When Aphmau finds out that there was a way to bring Aaron back...she'll do anything. Even if she has to go risk her child's life for Aaron. But if she does, will Aaron...
  • aaron
  • nether
  • aphmau
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Our love (Aaron x reader MCD)  by kittylialax
Our love (Aaron x reader MCD) by kittylialax
MAKE SURE TO WATCH AHPMAU'S MINECARFT DARIES!!! Aphmau has a little sister by two years and that little sister is you, (Y/N). At first you and your sister lose your memo...
  • aphmau
  • aaron
  • minecraftdaries
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Aarmau Alternate Universe Oneshots by LunaTheGalaxy
Aarmau Alternate Universe Oneshotsby 13850@stu.thekfa.org.uk
The title basically says everything. These Aarmau oneshots will usually not completely connect to the storyline of Aphmau. Keep in mind that I do NOT do lemons! I hope y...
  • nolemon
  • aaron
  • aarmau
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The Student and The Teacher (Aaron X Reader, girl) by Fashion_Block
The Student and The Teacher (Aaron...by Fashion_Block
Y/n. A girl with wolf ears and a cat tail. She keeps them hidden to prevent herself from getting mistreated more than she is already. Her parents don't give a crap about...
  • xreader
  • aaron
  • aaronxreader
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"I'll Always Love You..." MyStreet Aaron x Reader (Book 1) {COMPLETED} by xShadowWolf1x
"I'll Always Love You..." MyStreet...by ShadowWolfx
(Y/N) (L/N) is a werewolf but often hides her ears and tail due to being bullied in high school as your tail was not like the other werewolves. Your ears and tail are (Y...
  • mystreet
  • aaron
  • aphmau
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~You Saved Me~ {An Aarmau Depression Story} by Smarlyne05
~You Saved Me~ {An Aarmau Depressi...by Smarlyne05
It's aphmaus year without Aaron. it's hard for her. she misses him so much. When the new kid comes and makes everything worse...Ein. aphmau lost her friends in her sopho...
  • lonely
  • love
  • aaron
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Love triangles by LovelyLittleC
Love trianglesby C
Maxine doesn't have any friends and moved into this school. She ends up making a friends with a bunch of other guys but will they all fall in love with her and who will...
  • laurence
  • cute
  • maxine
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The Death of a Dying Man by IsabellaMcAvoy
The Death of a Dying Manby IsabellaMcAvoy
A short story written by my boyfriend that I had no hand in aside from minor grammatical editing and publishing. It is meant to be read aloud, so that is why it might re...
  • shortstory
  • davis
  • fiction
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The Story of Amai/(A Aphmau Story) by WerewolfGirl135
The Story of Amai/(A Aphmau Story)by Werewolf Girl 13
Me and my friend came up with a story about a little girl named Amai and she's a special girl. Her brother raised her for certain reason and you will find out in the sto...
  • aarmau
  • aaron
  • amai
Angels lane (aphmauXaaron) by tessonsfanfics
Angels lane (aphmauXaaron)by tessonsfanfics
Aphmau dies and becomes and angel but Aaron gets trapped on earth the 2 try to find each other.....
  • aphmau
  • youtube
  • fantasy-romance
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Dear Mom, by Lillybuglotus
Dear Mom,by LillyBugLotus
Kathrine Sweeney is depressed 15 year old when she finds out her mom has cancer. Kathrine has to deal with the stress of her mother fighting this disease and school,how...
  • suicide
  • aaron
  • sorry
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Sold to the Devil by SADHazelmere92
Sold to the Devilby SADHazelmere92
Join the journey of Megan Mizuno and Aaron Black!
  • break
  • romance
  • sold
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Mystreet: Our Story by PatriccWritesThings
Mystreet: Our Storyby ItsPatrick
Everyone on the street has a story, and here's ours. This book takes place in a world created by the YouTuber named Aphmau. With original characters from her series' and...
  • garroth
  • travis
  • lucinda
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The new boy by Mikey_luver
The new boyby Mikey_luver
  • magcon
  • punk
  • cameron
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