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Aphmau X Child! Reader  by RJMOSS01
Aphmau X Child! Reader by RJ
You sniffled after taking another beating but some werewolves. Even though you hid your ears and tail, I guess they could still sense that you were weak and in need of...
Aphmau and MyStreet X Werewolf Child Reader by Silica1850
Aphmau and MyStreet X Werewolf Silica1850
While in the process of moving into her new Aphmau makes an unexpected discovery, a six year old werewolf girl was sleeping in her room. Instead of kicking the girl out...
MCYT: A New Life by BlackCat2907
MCYT: A New Lifeby Katherine
Tommyinnit was exiled. Everyone knew this. He was lonely in Logstedshire and hated it. Dream was the only one who visited, and it was only to hurt and manipulate Tommy...
MyStreet: Ashter (MyStreet x OC) Book 1 (COMPLETED) (Editing) by IcicleKun
MyStreet: Ashter (MyStreet x OC) Icicle Kun
Asher, a male 'human', moved to MyStreet. Alone at last he says. But what would happen if someone that reminded him of how a family should be meets him? Find out in my f...
The New Girl (Mystreet X Reader) by the761_aarmaufan
The New Girl (Mystreet X Reader)by Rebecca Black
You are a Meifwa. You had run away from a life of abuse from your father, you find a new street to move onto. It's called Mystreet. You meet new people that quickly beco...
Katelyn's Brother (MyStreet X Reader, boy) by Fashion_Block
Katelyn's Brother (MyStreet X Fashion_Block
She's always angered by him not being there for her.. How could she not a strong bond as children? What will happen once she sees you after ten years? --
A Taste of an Icy Heaven (Ein x Reader) by 2Gamergal
A Taste of an Icy Heaven (Ein x 2Gamergal
Y/N is the almighty Suprema, the feminine version of the Ultima. For years, she has been close friends with the Ultima himself, Aaron Lycan, and has gained the trust of...
Katelyn x female reader by TheNewTimes
Katelyn x female readerby Jesse K.
Being the new girl around the block isn't always the best especially when your parents passed away. Thankfully they wanted the very best for you so they left a will agre...
Einron (Ein x Aaron) by Ash_InTheFlames
Einron (Ein x Aaron)by Ashy
Ein hopes no-one at Falcon Claw University would recognize him, he regretted everything that happened in highschool. What will happen when his dorm mate is his worst ene...
Aphmau's brother!? (Season 1) by kaneki09237
Aphmau's brother!? (Season 1)by Pierce Oblian
your the older brother of aphmau soooo yeah and this is the first season I'll make more books with the rest of the seasons
{Borkfriend Blaze} Blaze X Reader by mfpigeonxx
{Borkfriend Blaze} Blaze X Readerby just lily now lol
(finished) Ranks achieved: #1 in Aphmau #1 in Mystreet #1 In BlazexReader #1 in Blaze Y/n L/n, a female werewolf, is now a freshman at PDH. She unexpectedly joins her...
Sky media in mystreet CANCELLED  by Joonang
Sky media in mystreet CANCELLED by Joonang
guys im doing it, Im making this book. so um let get started. And this is a mithmau book too so watch out if you dont like that ship No grammer= best book ever
Gene x Reader by thusasx112
Gene x Readerby Ken🤩🤍
Female reader ^^^ btw this is from Aphmau. 13+ tehe the story is finished
After When angel's fall  -updated version.-  by heartfilialushy
After When angel's fall lushyheartfilia
it's been two year's from the after math of starlight,Aaron is living with Melissa now. Aph and Travis were in that hospital by those year's..she's been having terrible...
My Wolf Girl (Zane x Werewolf! Reader) (Complete!!) by Trxshi_AltBoi
My Wolf Girl (Zane x Werewolf! 🖤🧡 Kalix 🧡🖤
Highest Rank: #3 in garrence Y/N, the werewolf girl who can hide her ears and tail, just moved to Mystreet and develops a crush on one person on Mystreet and that perso...
Gene's Sister {Mystreet Boys X Reader} by alexsio_
Gene's Sister {Mystreet Boys X alexsio_
You and your older brother Gene have just moved into a house on mystreet. Your other brother, Dante, lives with 3 guys who are all super cute. One with blue eyes and blo...
Aphmau Boyfriend Scenarios by miss-fanfictions
Aphmau Boyfriend Scenariosby miss-fanfictions
This includes! Gene~ Dante~ Laurence~ Travis~ Vylad~ Zane~ Aaron~
Male Reader Oc x MyStreet Males by ShiroHiragana
Male Reader Oc x MyStreet Malesby Shiro
I don't own anything but my Oc's!
Aphmau Character fluffs and smuts by accio_aphmau
Aphmau Character fluffs and smutsby accio_ronweasley
Aphmau character fluffs and smuts. Sorry to Aphmau viewers but I am going to be adding in curse words (rarely because all the people on there beside Travis are innocent...
A witch and a werewolf by galaxywolf87
A witch and a werewolfby galaxywolf87
Lucinda lives by herself on mystreet. Her pet, uwu goes off on adventures of his own, leaving her by herself most of the time. After the events of her previous relations...