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Aphmau X Child! Reader  by RJMOSS01
Aphmau X Child! Reader by RJ
You sniffled after taking another beating but some werewolves. Even though you hid your ears and tail, I guess they could still sense that you were weak and in need of...
Her | Mystreet x Reader by -RunRunLostBoy-
Her | Mystreet x Readerby :):
(Y/N) and her 16 year-old twin brother and sister, Jacob and Marisa, were orphans since they could remember. They ran away from the orphanage since some pretty bad stuff...
So you think you know me? just wait and see. by Kerrinne6778
So you think you know me? just wai...by Kerrinne6778
Katelyn is a typical nerd, smart, loves to read and write however all is not as it seems. Katelyn also loves motercycles, tattoos and video games. She is also the Alpha’...
Sugar Daddy by Ani-meow1200
Sugar Daddyby Tobi :D
Zane is just a lonely crossdresser that lives with his pet pig. Travis is a rich drug lord looking for someone to spend his money on. Updates: Mondays
Carl Grimes imagines by sloth7891
Carl Grimes imaginesby sloth7891
Wattpad writer xxH gives you the short stories of yours and Carl Grimes' adventures! Requests are closed.
Our Happily Ever After by AstridTJC
Our Happily Ever Afterby AstridTJC
After Starlight where all hell happened six months have pasted and Aphmau and Travis are still with GF trying to find out how they were able to go into their bizarre for...
New Normal: A MyStreet FanFic by m00n_drunk
New Normal: A MyStreet FanFicby The World Divide
WARNING: Contains spoilers for the entire series. Read at your own risk. - The story picks up after the events of MyStreet Season 6. After the previous catastrophic eve...
Aphmau MyStreet: Searching Hearts by HowlsBae26
Aphmau MyStreet: Searching Heartsby AngelWithAShotgun
❤ It's been 3 months after season 6 and Aphmau and Travis have come home. Aaron's memories of Aphmau are still faded, but his dreams may be more. After reading @Scorpio...
[ Wisdom ] by JaeVanitas
[ Wisdom ]by Jae
"Umm..." "Who are you." New to the neighborhood along with her younger sister, Y/N along with her younger sister, Nahida, somehow in all shapes and f...
~Ein X Reader~ When Angels Fall by ShiraFangirl
~Ein X Reader~ When Angels Fallby ShiraFangirl
In Starlight Wonderland, everything was fun and awesome. Aphmau and her friends were having a good time together including their parents that joined them. They are all l...
HIDDEN PAIN 𐦍 GarrothXReader by _rozes
HIDDEN PAIN 𐦍 GarrothXReaderby _rozes
"I'm scared to be loved," ━─━─━━─━「₪」━━─━─━─━ It's been a hard life for Y/N. Ever since she was born, she's been thrown into a string of foster homes that ha...
MyStreet x Female Reader - Season 1 by MokiDog14
MyStreet x Female Reader - Season 1by MokiDog14
This book is based on the episodes of Mystreet Season 1. Reminder: (Y/N) is a female character. (Y/N) moves to a house on Mystreet with her sister Aphmau and their frien...
Aaron's Little Sister | Gene/Laurance by jx_sky
Aaron's Little Sister | Gene/Laura...by Jules
Discontinued! Skylar Lycan, little sister of Aaron. She is now attending at Phoenix Drop High, and it's going to be her freshman year! Aaron is a little bit overprotecti...
Dallys Kid Sister? by sodagirl14
Dallys Kid Sister?by Sodapopgirl14
This is about a girl that grew up in New York always feeling unwanted especially when it comes to her Stepdad. One day she accidentally drops one of her mothers photo b...
Zane' Wish [Zane x Reader] by FriendsWithFandoms
Zane' Wish [Zane x Reader]by Mystic
~MyStreet Themed~ After seeing Aaron and Aphmau perfectly together it makes Zane want to find love. He's tired of being teased by his siblings and ALWAYS Travis Aphmau...
The Ro'Meave Sister by vbdorks
The Ro'Meave Sisterby A-Chan
A PDH fanfiction, all characters except the main, you, belong to Aphmau. The fanart on the cover belongs to Sharkkisser09 on DeviantArt! Some of the story plots will be...
More Than Friends||Laurence X Reader (COMPLETE) by summertime_sweetie
More Than Friends||Laurence X Read...by 【stubs】
Y/N Valkrum is Travis' younger sister. She finally entered Phoenix Drop High as a freshman a year behind her older brother. She knows Travis is a flirt and she's used to...
Sorry... (Garroth x Reader) [FINISHED] by smolbananamuffin
Sorry... (Garroth x Reader) [FINIS...by smolbananamuffin
::WARNING:: EMERALD SECRET SPOILERS AHEAD YoU hAvE bEeN wArNeD You are Aaron's little sister. You are an ultima, like him, but when he was a senior in...
Brittany Abigail Bennett by elijah_wife_2022
Brittany Abigail Bennettby Scarlet_Witch_Wife
Brittany Abigail Bennett is Bonnie Bennett's twin sister, Brittany was engaged to Klaus Mikaelson a few weeks before their wedding she found out she was pregnant and she...
I'll Always Love You: A Travlyn (Travis x Katelyn) Story {COMPLETED} by AaNnNnAaIiRrAa
I'll Always Love You: A Travlyn (T...by AaNnNnAaIiRrAa
(This story takes place in the timeline after the events of Season 6) Travis and Katelyn are finally happy that they're together as they are now boyfriend and girlfriend...