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Aarmau One Shots by VioletViety
Aarmau One Shotsby MARC IS MY SON
Highest ranking: #9 in Aarmau WELCOME TO THE LAND OF AARMAU CAKES
Exchange For a Year by rosies_writing_zone
Exchange For a Yearby Shaina
Aphmau is an exchange student from Spain to America for a whole year. At first Aphmau is not looking forward to it but when she arrives, she meets this wacky group of pe...
Aarmau by k_e_i_t_h
Aarmauby k_e_i_t_h
Hello! Don't worry I'm not dead This is an Aarmau story with romance and love Brief description: aphs POV -------------------------- By the way! At part three and five...
Minecraftdiaries Aarmau  by Miimoonchi
Minecraftdiaries Aarmau by Miimoonchi
uwu you'll have to find out on what happens in the story heh~!
If Fate Allows - An MCD Fanfic by Silverfrost1007
If Fate Allows - An MCD Fanficby °•~Asha~•°
~ BEST RATE - #5 out of AARMAU ~ ~ BEST RATE - #1 out of SHADOW KNIGHT ~ After three long years, Aphmau has finally accepted Aaron's death. That is until surprising news...
Mystreet Diaries (Mystreet and Minecraft Diaries Crossover) by JadeSylvinaVA
Mystreet Diaries (Mystreet and Min...by JadeSylvinaVA
After Lucinda's crazy adventure with Modzilla, she got back home to Aphmau and the others. 2 months have passed and they were ready to get rid of the giant scar on Kawai...
Our Happily Ever After by AstridTJC
Our Happily Ever Afterby AstridTJC
After Starlight where all hell happened six months have pasted and Aphmau and Travis are still with GF trying to find out how they were able to go into their bizarre for...
A Queen Fit For A King (An Aphmau x Aaron Fanfiction) by princess_dr
A Queen Fit For A King (An Aphmau...by princess_dr
A princess that's been locked up for 7 years and a prince who's been wanted by her kingdom since he was 7. A mission that sets him off to get the princess and learn the...
Roommate's |Aarmau AU by AbrahamLincoln89
Roommate's |Aarmau AUby lego
when Aphmau's mom told her that she's moving in with someone she's never meet before it's a surprise working only one job that only pays minimum wage it forced her to ta...
•°•My Little Tsun~Tsun•°•  ♥Travlyn♥ by majestickittycat
•°•My Little Tsun~Tsun•°• ♥Travly...by Inactive
Highest Ranks: #99 in fanfiction #2 in Travlyn fan fictions (Thank u so much!!!) Art in cover by BaconTale on Tumblr ❤ •°•°•°•°• Katelyn Firefist lives in the state of...
Phoenix Drop High A Twisted Beginning  by ShadowHeart15321
Phoenix Drop High A Twisted Beginn...by Kaytlen Neatherlin
A fan fiction of Aarmau ("Aaron and Aphmau in Minecraft Mystreet.) This is about a teenage boy named Aaron who is trying to find the one he has to protect and is go...
New Normal: A MyStreet FanFic by m00n_drunk
New Normal: A MyStreet FanFicby The World Divide
WARNING: Contains spoilers for the entire series. Read at your own risk. - The story picks up after the events of MyStreet Season 6. After the previous catastrophic eve...
Dearest, You Said ||AARMAU AU|| by eastonaa
Dearest, You Said ||AARMAU AU||by easton!
Do you believe in soulmates? In their world, they have no choice to. It's no option. At an annual ball, you are given a ring. When the bell chimes 4, your ring will shin...
Obsession [Discontinued] by Ghost_Plum
Obsession [Discontinued]by Plum
Aaron is a shy boy at school but at home he isn't. He has an app called 'My Anime Girlfriend', he would always play it when he gets home, even at school during his free...
AARMAU LEMONSS by Aphmaufanficz
AARMAU LEMONSSby Aphmaufanficz
16+ OR 18+ Pretty much about seggs and there's some funny parts Hope you enjoy!! ily have a wonderful day!
Mystreet in Paradise by xKittehh
Mystreet in Paradiseby Kittehh
Once again, Aphmau plans a vacation for all of her friends on mystreet. Although this time, her and Aaron invite someone else. A much smaller person, even smaller than A...
How do I fall In love? (Aarmau story) by starbuttetfly77
How do I fall In love? (Aarmau sto...by starbuttetfly77
Aphmau thought she would end up either with Garroth or Laurence she never really was crazy in love with either one of them but that's how love works, right? (I would rec...
aarmau A Love Story ( Lemons Included)  by aarmau4life3
aarmau A Love Story ( Lemons Inclu...by aarmau4life3
*18 AND OLDER ADVISED* aphmau and aaron are now living together in a new neighborhood. What will happen?
Aarmau Love Story by Neko_Hannah
Aarmau Love Storyby Neko_Flower
This is an Aarmau love story, Its my first story so I'm sorry if its crappy TwT but I tried and try. Hope you like it, baiiii ;D