♥A Garroth x Reader Fanfiction♥

♥A Garroth x Reader Fanfiction♥

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"Hey Garroth! So, I was wondering if we could talk."
"Sure, I have time right now." He waited for me to say something.
"... in private." I said.
"Oh, umm..." I could tell he was blushing under his helm. I smiled at him.
"Please Garroth?" I gave him my best puppy eyes. He laughed.

Garroth is the head guard in Phoenix Drop. The love of his life, Aphmau, is being competed for between himself and his best friend, Laurence. He wants her badly, until he meets a girl in the woods. She introduces herself, and he falls in love. Soon, they find themselves together. But  what adventures will they face to test their love? Find out by reading ♥A Garroth x Reader Fanfiction♥!

This is a like a Garmau Fanfiction. Except Garroth falls in love with the reader, not Aphmau.

Inspired by @LynxiePlay 's stories! I love the Minecraft Diaries series. If you would like to see Aphmau's channel, go to this link here... 



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Anyway, credit to @Kimmeg13 for the 1st cover of the book, and @garmau72 / Empress Emi for the current book cover, and Aphmau for making this INCREDIBLE series!  Hope ya'll enjoy it! ♥

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KateTheWolf806 KateTheWolf806 Dec 01, 2017
Irl I have no siblings... So, I don't know how it feels. I just feel lonely sometimes though.
WhatIAmAGamer WhatIAmAGamer Nov 18, 2017
YOU'RE LITERALLY ONE OF THE BEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD! I own horses and you never really see 'em in fan fics :3
Fanfics2TheMax Fanfics2TheMax Oct 25, 2017
I'm a door, an dark oak one to be exact. My names' Dora, and I just fell for this totally hot gay ass blonde luscious locks boy named Garroth. We are thinking about having thirty-two trap doors right now, instead of ruling the kingdom together we are gonna rule the bed... 😏
UnderFellCupCake UnderFellCupCake Aug 07, 2017
Who am I?! Katelyn?! 5 younger brothers?! Irl I have two younger brothers.
pricegen1205 pricegen1205 Aug 25, 2017
I like this story because it's not gross fan fiction instant love lol
danijesjo33332 danijesjo33332 Oct 29, 2017
YES I KNEW IT WAS ENTER CHARACTERISTIC AND I messed it up by actually saying eye color...DARN IT