Zane x Katelyn's Sister (you).  COMPLETED!

Zane x Katelyn's Sister (you). COMPLETED!

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Skyler By King_Skyler Completed

ya ya I know Katelyn does not have a sister but it would be cool I think so here's the story! 
It's kindof a My Streat setting so ya, you two look alike and are mistaken as twins 
Hope you enjoy it xx
Also, I'm a bad speller I'm sorry about that but you have been warned about it

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ShadowBlackthorn ShadowBlackthorn Aug 03, 2017
                               There is this famous girl named Bella Thorne and she had dyslexia she got better and is know for 'Shake it up'
RandomlyAdventurous RandomlyAdventurous Jul 02, 2017
You've got really good spelling for having a condition like that! It's really awesome that you've managaed to get past it (for the most part) I always spot the littlest mistakes, but I never ever comment on them unless I'm making a joking reference involving it
KristianStiles KristianStiles Jul 19, 2017
I got it to like  a d is a b and m is a w there's a lot more but that's what mostly happens
I'm also dyslexic, so it takes me longer to write than a lot of people.
AshtrayTM AshtrayTM Jul 17, 2017
I think people with dyslexia should be treated normally, they're still human, they still have feelings.
Thifie Thifie Oct 15, 2017
we all will support you through this we don't care about the spelling we only care about you I promise to site anyone who writes any thing wrong about the spelling.