zanence (zane x laurence)  (completed)

zanence (zane x laurence) (completed)

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gallium By reesypie Completed

zane and laurence start to develope feelings for eachother but someone else likes laurence , will they work out together?
will zane ever find love ?
find out here.

the cover was not drawn by me i found these images on google images , 

also this is my first fanfic so if you have any tips or ideas please comment.

the second book is out!!!

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Swampy-Squid Swampy-Squid Aug 27, 2017
Did you make the cover? Im Just asking since two of those are originally mine and was just a little flattered
NinjagoGal NinjagoGal Sep 25, 2017
I know this is probably just for the plot, but how did he lock his keys in the house? Wouldn't he have needed the keys to lock the house anyway? 😂
haruhisfire haruhisfire Jul 14, 2016
Wow that's good way better than my Fisrt chapter of my zanvis story I got to three chapters and still Bo kiss I feel terrible but ulyours is Greg its the reading this forever
Baby_Toey Baby_Toey Nov 24, 2016
It's a nice story line, strong intro. It makes sence after some thought (unlike most fan-ficks) witch is a good thing. But there are to many run off sentences so ya need to work on that.