The Heartbreaker And The Heartless 『garmau』

The Heartbreaker And The Heartless 『garmau』

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➳ the phoenix forces By PhoenixForces Completed

Garroth Xander Ro'meave. 

"Heartless" is his title.  

After being so heartbroken by the one he thought he loved, he now refuses to fall in love ever again. 

She cheated on him, right behind his back.  It got to the point where he barley has any feelings anymore. 

Never again would he fall for someone so stupidly again. 


Aphmau Alexa Phoenix. 

"Heartbreaker" is what they call her. 

No, she doesn't break hearts on purpose.  She's too gentle and kind for that. 

She just hasn't found "the one" yet.

Every boy wants to date her and every girl gets jealous of her. 


Can the heartbreaker heal the heartless? 
Or can the heartless turn the heartbreaker cold? 

➵ character disclaimer ;; @empress_aphmau

♚ writer : kyree || babyduckyyy
♡ status : complete

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EmpressCola EmpressCola Jun 18, 2017
I called my cousin heartless because he killed and shot a bunny a poor poor bunny, at least the other one got away. I feel bad for the bunny even though it's been a week
Pastel_Shadow Pastel_Shadow Oct 14, 2017
I like garmau books but I don't ship garmau...... is that weird????
Ch4tt3rb0x Ch4tt3rb0x Apr 27, 2017
Who knows? (I know. :3 usually boys, shipping or weird stuff us girls do)
EnderDragonesss EnderDragonesss Jun 02, 2017
Is it weird that I'm a aarmau fanatic readin a Garmau fan fic
EnderDragonesss EnderDragonesss Jun 02, 2017
Boys,food,dances, (for me bombs), sleep overs,parties I could go on forever
InactiveHaveagoodday InactiveHaveagoodday Nov 23, 2016
And talking abut ships........wait is it what my table does......oh