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If We Fall In Love... [Garrance AU] {Book 1} (Completed) by katgamez2000
If We Fall In Love... [Garrance ~Kat~
"If we fall in love, we might get hate..." "I can live with that, just to be close to you." "I we fall in love, we might lose some of our friend...
Aphmau Truth or Dare {COMPLETE} by _Smoothee_
Aphmau Truth or Dare {COMPLETE}by • Em •
Hello!~ Welcome to Aphmau Truth or Dare! 4/21/18 - 7/10/18 First ever book!
snapchat | garrance // laurroth  by epiphanisticc
snapchat | garrance // laurroth by maisy;
laurzv: im gonna make friends with u tho i promise g.romeave: hahah okay ill hold you against that
Missing Garrence/Larroth [Mpreg] (Complete)  by SkylaLunaNightxx
Missing Garrence/Larroth [Mpreg] ( Storybooks Headquaters
This a mpreg (Male Pregnancy) story! Don't like, don't read! #43 in Garrence (9/26/18) #94 in Garrence (11/4/18) 🌺 Don't own picture from the cover. Hallo, note from Ol...
Secret Revealed by IamNowAsneakyCheetah
Secret Revealedby REWR
Garroth and Laurence had been dating SECRETLY for a while now. You might wonder: "Why to keep it a secret?" Well, that is a long story. Although it consists of...
Forgotten - Laurance - Hanahaki - MyStreet (Garrance) by not__a__loser__
Forgotten - Laurance - gritty obito
Laurance is always left behind when the group of MyStreet goes on a trip. Obviously, this does not make Laurance feel the best. One day, the group comes home from an ext...
Dear Diary (One Sided Garrence)  by FellQueen223
Dear Diary (One Sided Garrence) by Victor the King
Laurence has feelings for this guy who could never love him back. So he needs to find a way to keep them hidden and cope with them.
Guardian Angels-a garrence / larroth fanfiction by Pika051
Guardian Angels-a garrence / Pika051
Laurance is abused. Garroth is an angel. Laurance prays. Garroth finds a job. They fall for each other. They know what will happen if they were to be together. But they...
little did I know it be you by wolfiegurl_29
little did I know it be youby Wolfiegurl_29
its just a fun story but there is some smut if u don't like smut don't read
ZaneChan One-Shot Book by xKittehh
ZaneChan One-Shot Bookby Kittehh
Here's a collection of all my NSFW and SFW ZaneChan one shots for all of your Zane and Nana needs.
Mystreet Characters and Ships in One Sentence by xKittehh
Mystreet Characters and Ships in Kittehh
Headcanons and brief descriptions of my ships and Aphmau's characters from the YouTube Series Mystreet.
| Never saw it coming | Garrence AU | by Aphmoox
| Never saw it coming | Garrence 🤷‍♀️
I hated the description so I took it out, sorryyyy
Aphmau Ship Asks by xKittehh
Aphmau Ship Asksby Kittehh
Questions to ask about all your favorite Aphmau Ships!! Taking Requests!! Includes: Aarmau Garrence Melinda Travlyn Vylante ZaneChan
Zane-Chan (COMPLETED) by CassRose01
Zane-Chan (COMPLETED)by manda
A story about how a neko falls in love with a human boy. - including other ships- *Art Not Mine
My Aphmau ships (DONE) by MissMurder21
My Aphmau ships (DONE)by Panpieceofshit
Please don't read if under 16 thnx. Also cover art done by lexa34 on deviantart so go check her out baii I hope you don't end up reading this Jaylene. Sceer Sceer
The Brothers. Garrence Zanvis and Vylante. by WillowChanFics
The Brothers. Garrence Zanvis Willow~Chan
The casanovas have each taken an interest in a certain male on MyStreet. All from the same family. Each of the casanovas likes one of the Ro'Meave brothers and needs to...
•My Protector•A Larroth AU• by Candi_Writes
•My Protector•A Larroth AU•by ★ 🅒🅐🅝🅓🅘 ★
Name: Garroth Ro'Meave Age: 19 Gender: Male Occupation: Unemployed Parents: Garte Ro'Meave (Male), Zianna Ro'Meave (Female) Other Information: Has two brothers. Never ha...
The Forgotten One [REWRITE] || Garrance Fanfiction by GarranceShipper
The Forgotten One [REWRITE] || GarranceShipper
This is a rewrite of one of my first fanfics, the forgotten one. I've written this to show my improvement as a person and improvement in my writing/storytelling.
Oneshots (Garrance Mostly)  :) by TheOtherOneWasTaken
Oneshots (Garrance Mostly) :)by Visio
Sooo... I've been really wanting to start one of these, and I'll post whenever I have time, meaning that there is no schedule to this book, so yea. ... *Cricket chirping...
What did you do, Aphmau by Headcannons
What did you do, Aphmauby Your loving mom
Aphmau has been turned into a boy, not just a boy, but quite hot one. Aaron has always been straight, but not any more. How the hell is he gonna live through this? And w...