Something gained..

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On our way back down the hill, I spotted Elijah coming up to me. My eyes grew wide and I ran right past him and into the house, past the kitchen, up the stairs, and to my bedroom slamming the door behind me. I was breathing heavy as I collapsed onto the bed. There was a knock that had me jumping. "No speaka englisha. Comea backa latera-a." I suttered in a terrible spanish accent that had me holding back a nervous laugh. "Just open the door." Elijah asked me. He was using his alpha tone and I felt myself cowering towards it on reflex. Soon enough he was in my room pulling me in for a hug and inspecting me at arms length. "What wrong? Why did you run off like that he asked me with a worried gaze. "Sorry, I didn't realize. Nothing's wrong, I just got back from the tracks with Bekah. She showed me her gift." I grinned, not at all feeling awkward. He sighed in relief.

"It's pretty awesome huh?" He asked sitting beside me on the bed. "Awesome is an understatment. It was beyond the sickest thing i've ever seen." I hoffed in awe. He laughed. "So how'd you sleep? I woke up and you were gone." He told me looking worried again. "It was fine, nightmare that's all." I told him, and of course as if on que I started thinking about it. He gasped and his eyes got wide. "What?" I asked with a cunfused daze. "You dreampt that about me?" He asked starring hard into my eyes. I started smacking his chest over and over again. "Stop. Reading. My. Mind." I said exasperated. "I'm an Alpha, I do what I want with my wolve's when I want. Answer me." He said using his special little tone. I cowered again, and of course, had told him all about the dream in a ramble of words formed together.

He smiled. "That's cute." She smirked at me. "It's not cute. You make it seem like I'm a four year old with a crush." I rolled my eye's and started picking lint off the sheets. "No. It's not a crush if I like you back." he said and lifted my chin up slightly to meet his eyes. My breath hitched in my throat. And then he inched closer and closer to my lips. "No, stop." I said just before they touched. I got up off the bed in a flash and stood in he middle of the room watching him.

"Kat, don't do this." He groaned. I starte pacing. "I'm not letting you throw away your chance of being happy with your mate. Hurting someone will destory you, Elijah, breaking someones heart will destory you. I know you. Please, don't do this." I begged my eye's rimming with tears. "I know you too, Kat." He got up from the bed and stepped closer to me. I stepped back, her stepped forward. "This isn't about me. It's about you. You're worried that when I find my mate, I'll drop you like you don't matter. Right?" He asked taking another step towards me. I shoke my head back an fourth. "Kat, stop. Stop stop stop, stop! Listen to me." He told me as I hit a wall and started panciking.

His hands held onto my cheeks to keep my head from shaking. "I'm. Not. Going. Anywhere." he said between kissing the tears on my cheeks. He leaned forward again, watching my eyes and asking for permission. I tip-toed up to meet him half way, and he stopped a wrecking sob that was about to happen with his lips when they connected with mine. Soft, breaf and passionate.

He pulled me in for a hug and held me there. I wrapped my arms around his waist and breathed in and out trying to calm myself down. He stroked my hair and told me it was all going to be okay. I nodded and sniffled. "Thank you." I muttered and kissed his shoulder. I felt more than seen his smile and it stretched out across his face. "Any time." And he let me go. "You think you're gonna be okay now?" He asked wiped the last of my tears. I smiled up at him. "More than okay." I nodded and he laughed kissing my cheek. "C'mon. It's time for lunch." He said and holding my hand he lead me down the stairs and to the dining room table. The whole pack was seated around munching on finger sandmiches and salad as we both took our seats. Cliff winked at me and Elijah let go of my hand and I blushed. He mouthed 'later' and I glared but nodded and started filling my plate


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