Catching up, and wanting you.

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Hey guys!! So sorry I haven't updated in awhile!! Been having SERIOUS writers block. But I got it all figured out now, and I should be updating more frequently since it's almost winter break here for me!! YAY!!! I'll keep you posted guys, ENJOYYY. LOVE YOUU LOVELIESS!!

"Hey, I'm sorry I left." Stark told me bringing my gaze back to him. "Why did you do it? How could you leave?" I asked my voice level rising. Where was Elijah? Oh yeah, I left him. Why did I do that? God, I was so stupid! And Rebekah, and Cliff and Joel! Ugh, I want my friends. I want my baby. I miss his touch. My mate. I frowned trying to cal myself down. "I found my mate, back then..." he told me slowly. Stark had left the week after my parents died. He's always been older than me and my brother. Me by three years, Ace by one. He was seventeen, huh he must have found his mate early. I nodded for him to continue. "A little after your parents died, so did Carly, my mate. My mom and dad noticed how torn up I was, so they made us move. I was broken, Kat. I didn't bother trying to stay, but I'm fine now." He told me and I felt bad. He lost his mate? I frowned deeper. "It's been two years, Stark." I whispered to him, my voice dropping.

Kol just stood behind us watching intently, he was rubbing circles on my back, and I was giving into his touch. I felt the tingles, but it was so faint it was almost like a painful electric shock. I ignored it though, I needed comfort. I was cracking. And then I began thinking about what Ace would do if he new Stark was back, and I pushed that thought out immediatly, imgaining that he would rip his head off. "I know. But I'm back. And I'm planning on staying." He told me, and I lunged for him again hugging him. "I missed you. You were my first crush. My first kiss. My first valentine. You bought me my first stuffed bear, the one with the little "I ove ywou." on it." I sniffed sliding my fingers around my eyes and wiping the tears. "You were my best friend too. I trusted you, you protected me." I told him. "And then you left... and now your back." I concluded, telling myself more than him. He chuckled remembering slightly. "Yes, and now I'm back, and I'm not leaving, Kat. My mom and dad are here too, they're talking too your alpha's dad about us staying with your pack. I'm. Not. Leaving." he told me and furiously started wiping my tears.

I nodded, feeling only a little better. "Kat, why don't you take.. Stark up to your room and catch up?" Kol asked/told me. I blinked at him. What? Did he just willing ask me to take a guy up to my room? I'm sorry what? Is this Kol? Did someone brain wash him? He smiled at me. "I'll talk to my dad and make sure that they can stay. I'll tell him that he isn't a threat. Go on, have fun." he told me and ushered me out the door. I blinked again, and Stark was the one who took my hand and had to pulll me out of the room. I was so confused, I laughed nervousily. "You okay?" Stark asked raising an eyebrow. We stood in the middle of the living room, and I was trying to focus my screaming, rambling brain thoughts. I cleared my throat. "Yeah, I'm fine. I just, that just took me off guard." I told him and lead him up to my room. We started talking, laughing and catching up on past memories. We were both laughing so hard that he fell off my bed. I just grinned at him and fell off purposily on top of him laughing.

I forgot how fun it was just tohang out with him. He was my grade school crush, but I didn't have feelings like that for him anymore. At least I didn't think I did. "Are you ready to see my brother?" I asked him. He slummed. "I don't know, Kat..." He said scratching the back of his head. "I haven't even forgiven him myself." I told him, feeling sad and my heart constricted. "Forgive him for what?" He asked. "I was tormented. Ever since mom and dad died, everyone bullied me, abused me, treated me like total crap. Including Ace. I ended up running away, and thats how I met Elijah, and his pack The Untamed Pack, and all my friends. I was so happy, Stark. But then we had to come back. Join this pack, become the biggest, strongest pack blah blah." I rolled my eyes and curled my knee's to my chest.

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