Little green monster

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He was laying down on our bed snoring softly, fully clothed in a black T-shirt and black jeans. I could see the mark I left him, practically calling to me. I smirked and quietly, and in stealth mode, I climbed onto the bed and hovered his neck. Watching his reaction the whole time, I kissed it slowly. He stirred, his face relaxed. I kissed it again, pressing my lips on it harder. He groaned and swatted me away. I laughed and pushed him off the bed. "Wake up shleepy head." I said in a funny accent. He pulled himself up fromt he ground and rubbed his eyes. "I'm tired." he whined and pulled me in for a hug."Well I'm hungry. Unless you want me to starve..." I challenged. He starred back playfully. "Maybe I do." He told me. "Okay then. No food for me." I pursed my lips and plopped down on the bed. "No! Okay, okay, let's go get some breakfast, baby." He told me and pulled me back off the bed. I grinned and pecked his lips. "Mine." He growled. I laughed. "Maybe." I told him and rushed out of the room and downstairs.

"Kat, get back here." he shouted coming after me. I yelped and ran, meeting Ace in the living room I hid behind him. "What's going on?" He asked me. I screamed when warm hands pulled me away from behind. "So. I guess that means I got you back two times." he whispered in my ear. I quivered. "Let me go." I started squirming and giggling. Ace watched in amusement. What he said had me stop fighting agaisnt Elijah and freeze. "I'm glad you're happy, Kitten.". "Thank you." I told him smiling. I rushed into his arms and hugged him. "He make's you happy. Happier than Kol ever could. I love you so much, Kat." he whispered to me. I nodded. "I know." I told him and pulled away going back into Elijah's welcoming arms. "So who's hungry?" Renee asked."Me!" I shouted jumping up and down excited. "Well of course you are, you're fat." Melonie said coming down from upstairs. I rolled my eyes. "Yup, a whole lot-ta'flub right here." I told her poking my flat stomach. She glared and I glared back harder. "Enough." Kol growled. All eyes snapped to him.

Ugh, I thought annoyed. "It's time to eat, let's go." He told everyone who was sitting around. There was shuffling and soon everyone was grabbing plates filled with eggs, bacon and pancakes. We all crowded around the living room, the one's who were just waking up and who hadn't eaten yet, I figured. I was stuffing my face like a cow, I didn't even realize how hungry I was. Elijah seemed pleased knowing it was him causing me to pig out. I glared and he laughed. "I see you were marked." Kol pointed out. I looked over at him, pancake half hanging out of my mouth. I pulled it off and placed it on my plate. "Mhm." I told him. Elijah bent over me, and with his thumb wiped some syrup off the corner of my mouth. He stuck it in his and licked it off. "Yup, by me." He grinned at me and then Kol, like he had won the lottery. "Well I figured." Kol said snarky back at him.

"Shut up, Kol." I defended. It was odd, going against my mate for someone who wasn't him, but somehow it felt right, better even. Well.. except for the fact that all eyes were on us, and I felt an un-ignorable pull towards Kol. I seen his features change, and suddenly he looked weak and contained. I cocked my head to the side. "By the way Alpha Kol. Joel, Cliff, Elijah, Katerina and I are all going out after breakfast." Rebekah spat the word Alpha at him like it wasn't meant to be mixed in he same sentence as his name. I wondered where we were going. I'm guessing everyone else did too, well except for Joel, who was holding Bekah tightly in his lap trying to keep his anger under control. "Where?" Kol asked her, his voice normal, almost nice and inviting. "Just around. We figured Katerina could show us around, give us a tour." Rebekah shrugged and looked this way and that before meeting his eyes again.

"Sure, just keep her sa- be safe." He corrected quickly. I rolled my eyes. What a shmuck, I thought more annoyed than before and went back to stuffing my face. "We will, thanks." She said equally annoyed as I was and she too began eating. The room was chattering about, Ace smiling at me which I caught with sideway glances, Kol looking deathly mad at me and Elijah's position. Me in his lap, him feeding me bits of pancake. I grinned every time, and not just to piss off Kol, but because I was actually happy. Being in Elijah's arms made me feel safe, and loved, and protected. Everything mates should feel for eachother, only I was stuck with Kol as one. I wanted so badly for Elijah to be mine, to really, truely be mine, but without the bond i was impossible for us to be anything but potentials. I found myself hoping it hurt Kol as much as it hurt me when he marked Melonie, with the marking between me and Elijah.

Even my wold agreed we were better of. She urned for his touch, for his love, but she knew we had all that from Elijah, so why would we need a mate who rejected us? Who didn't, and doesn't want us? We were left with more questions and estimated answers than anything. But I figured I'd like the estimated ones over the cold, hard truth any day, because that meant that I would feel rejected all over again when Kol told me it's cause he really doens't need nor want me. And I him, I thought slightly smiling. Elijah pulled me out of my think-mode with a soft peck to the lips. I didn't know why, but it was like my body went on over-drive and I couldn't get enough of him. I pulled his face back to mine, ignoring the gasps and giggles around us, it all faded again. Leaving just me and Elijah drenched in pure kissing. That is until Cliff pulled me away from him.

I glared at him. "Oh shut up babe, I'm trying to eat, and you're both making me want to vomit." he told me and shoveled a fork full of eggs into his mouth. "Alright, alright. I'll stay here. It's better if you don't let me back at him." I whispered the last part, but I knew Elijah over heard since he was right beside us chuckling. I grinned and curled into Cliff's rock hard, well built, totally uncomfortable chest. I whined and moved to try and get comfy. "Stop whining, you're making my arm shake with your constant moving." He rolled his eyes and pushed my head udner his armpit. I popped my head out my hair standing up at every end as I glared at him. "Gross." I fake gagged and he dropped his fork shoving my body slightly behind him, my legs still wrapped around his side.

"I'm not comfortable." I told him and smacked his back. "Tough and deal with it." He said mocking my high pitchy voice. I stuck my tongue out knowing that he can't see me. Elijah and Rebekah both chuckled. I leaned my cheek on his back and waited for him to stop eating. It took forever, but finally he was allowing me to get comfy in his lap as he co-operated with me. I sighed in relief and met eyes with Kol. He was glaring at Cliff and I's position now. God, why is he being such an arse? He pushed me to my breaking point, not the other way around, I thought angrily. I knew it would suck to go raging-bitch on them cause someone just might turn into a human ice-cube, so I decided just to play with the loose strings on Cliff's shirt to distract myself from Kol's judgy, accussing, longing eyes.


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