Fessing up.

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"Done!" I shouted loudly. I think it scared the crap out of everyone else because there were a few yelps and gasps which made me break out laughing. "Jheeze's!" I heard Tamara squeak. I giggled again, hiding it in a cough. "Okay, Bek let's go get ready." I told her and grabbed her hand. She didn't budge, even though I was already pushed off Cliff's lap and trying my hardest to pull her away. "I don't wanna get up." She groaned and wrapped her free arm around Joel's neck. "Uh, you're such a whiner." I told her and smacked her hand. "Ouch." He growled at me. "Good. That's for punching me in the eye." I told her and two growls errupted. I looked around to see Elijah and Kol. I shot glares at both of them. "Bekah, do not. Make me. Hit you with an ice block." I told her very clearly in a whisper. I figured Elijah had told Joel and Cliff about my litle gift, since they were laughing like they knew what was going on. "Okay. I'm up. I'm coming. Keep me warm blooded please." She told me, pecked Joel's lips and then we walked up stairs to her room.

"So, I was thinking we could match today." She told me racking through her closet. I guess that meant that Joel and Cliff switched places and that Cliff was now rooming with Tamara. Oh hell, wonder how that's going to work out, I thought, almost laughing at the possibilities. I forgot to answer Bekah, so she was snapping her fingers in my face. "Oops, sorry." I smiled. She glared. "Yeah, whatever. Now, did you want superman, or batman?" She asked me. "Superman." I told her instantly. She clapped her hands jumping up and down. "Okay! here. Put this on." She threw me a shirt, some lether stalkings. (Picture of both their outfits are on the side!) I walked into her bathroom and I got dressed with the clothes. I looked in the mirror. I looked so adorable, I just need to fix my hair, I told myself. Taking a clip that was clipped too Bekah's bathroom sink, I took my hair and put it half up, half down. It fell it bright red curls down my back and around my shoulders. I looked really good. Smiling like a dork, I walked back out to see Bekah.

She was dressed, and ready to go, her hair just like mine. "C'mon. Let's go search for a new pack house." She told me. "Wait, that's what were going to do?" I asked her. "Mhm. It's like Cliff said, the fater we find something bigger, the faster were wedged away from those mutts." She told me smirking slightly. "You know, I always thought it would be Cliff that was your mate, not Joel." I told her. "Really? huh." she said fixing herself. "Well, whatever. C'mon, let's get going." She smiled at me and we walked out of her room only to smack into a hard chest. I felt the tingles before I seen the face.

"Move out of the way Kol." I told him but he didn't move at all. "Can we talk?" He asked, then looked at Rebekah. "Alone?" He added. "Over my dead body." Bekah spat at him. I seen he sad look in his eyes... it was the least I could do... to talk to him. I mean he was my ma... no. I shoke my head. "Bek, it's fine." I told her. She looked at me for a moment and nodded, fully knwoing I could handle myself. "I'll be waiting, right outside this door. If you so much as touch her, insult her, or hurt her in anyway, I will chop of your balls, and feed them to any future cubs you may have." she snarled at him, bumped his shoulder and closed the door behind him as he stepped into the room. "You have ten minutes." I told him and sat on the bed. He sat beside me, putting some space between us.

"I'm so-" "Don't." I cut him off. "But it's tru-" "Oh well." I cut him off again. "Would you let me talk and explain myself, fuck why do you have to be so stubborn?" He asked me in a low voice. I crossed my arms. "Okay, go ahead." I told him and closed my mouth. "Kat, I'm sorry. Please, please, please try and see it from my point of view. I didn't know you would turn out to be so beautiful, and skinny, and perfect. I just wanted a ... I don't know what I wanted. But I know now that I want you, and only you. I want my mate, and you're my mate." He told me, tears in his eyes making them all glossy. "Are you high?" I said past ground teeth. "Me see it from your point of view? You wanted a blonde barbie as a mate, not someone like I used to be, and now that I'm good looking, and all that you can be proud of you want me?" I growled. "You are screwed in the head you know that. You want what you can't have, and you know why you can't have your own mate, Kol?" I asked him. He was about to say something but I cut him off. "You can't have your own mate because you rejected her, you rejected me." I told him, but I didn't stop their, I was on a roll.

"Did you know I was this pack's punching bag? Yeah, all those bruises, and scratches were mainly from Melonie, and a few other pack memebers. Does that make you feel good, that you slept and marked the person who abused me?" I asked him, my eyebrows scruntching together. "Or, does it make you feel better seeing as you lost me, and that I wish for nothing more than for Elijah to be my mate, and not you?" I asked him. "None of that makes me feel good, Katerina! I love you, I want to be with you. I was the stupid one not to see that before." He told me. "Yeah, you were and still are the stupid one, stupid." I told him annoyed. "Everyone makes mistakes, and I made the biggest one of my life rejecting you. How can you even be with Elijah? He's not your mate, how can you love him?" he shot at me. I laughed a bitter laugh.

"You mean how can I love and sleep with someone who isn't my mate? Kiss them when I see them, and fall asleep in their arms every night? Act as if their my mate, my one and only?" I asked him as if he was stupid. He flinched. "Yeah, that's what I thought. You told everyone Melonie was your mate, now you got her, I'm not seeing the problem." I told him matter-of-factly. "So tell me this." he began. "You don't feel that seductive pull towards me?" He asked, smirking almost slightly like he knew he was going to win. "That desirable need to be with me and in my arms?" He added and then grabbed my hand and placed it over his chest. "Every time my heart skips a beat, it's because of you. It's beating, only because I know you're alive, that's what I lived on. It didn't matter that you might have been with someone else, all that mattered was that I never felt you die, so you had to be living, and breathing, which meant you were still. Mine.

"Are you telling me you don't feel that? I see how I effect you, Kat. Physically, emotionally. The spark in your eyes when you see me, wether you're glaring or not." He laughed slightly. I couldn't speak. "The way your skin heats up when you sense me. I wouldn't be surprised if you had a dream about me, either. I can feel how tempted I make you feel. Uncomfortable, hot and bothered, every hair on your body stands up on attention at the smell of me. That desire that pools in your belly just to be with me, the way your heart drops when you see me with Melonie. How you wish it was you I marked with every ounce of energy in your tiny little body. I'm your mate, and it's un-deniable how much you want me." He told me, my hand still feeling his heart beat a mile a minute, matching mine perfectly, it pounding in my ears like it was meant for only me to hear. My breath caught in my throat. So I tried to clear it.

"So what. Even if everything you said was true, it doesn't mean I'm running back to you arms opened and begging, hell to the mofo no." I told him, regaining my self control. "But you're right. I can't push back all my feelings for you, but this is all they are; forced. I have to feel love for you because you are my mate, I have to feel that pull, that desire in my gut, my heart automactically skips a beat when I'm near you, and with you, and all I can think about it how much I want you, but it's not by choice. It's all forced, because, were mates. You ruined my life by rejecting me, and now you want me back because I have big boobs and a slim waist? Yeah right Kol." I told him angry lacing my voice. "So you can forgive Ace, your own brother who hurt you like I did, and not me? your mate? You know you only wrote out that you accepted my ejection, it's not official." He asked angry too. "I haven't forgave him yet, stupid! I need time, I just want time, why can't anyone give me a break!" I shouted and put my head in my hands.


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