A little fun

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"So, when were you going to tell me you guys were werewolves?" Tamara asked all of a sudden. I spit out my diet coke while Joel choked on a french fry. Rebekah and Cliff had food hanging out of there mouth. "What?" She asked and took a sip of her own diet coke. "Where did that come from?" I asked coughing and wiping my mouth with a napkin. "Well I just figured that you would have realized I was one too, since my scent and all. I just joined your pack a few days ago. Huh, you really didn't know?" She asked me. Us. Joel. I didn't really know. I was still in shock. "Uh..." Cliff stuttered. "No we didn't fricken know, we don't go around sniffing people like a friggen dog. Pun not intended."Rebekah snarled and crossed her arms. I sighed and rolled my eyes. Teen love. "So anyways. No, I guess you must be wearing a little too much perfume." Cliff muttered with a slight smile. Joel sniffed the air and brought her closer to him. "I think she smells perfect." He smiled and kissed her cheek then lips. Rebekah smacked the table hard enough to crack it then stormed off towards the restrooms. Tamara flinched.

"Sorry, period cramps. Rager. She get's a litle woo-hoo." I said to Tamara, twirling my index finger around my temple and crossing my eyes. She laughed nervousily. "Why does she have to be such a bitch?" Joel muttered annoyed. I glared and Cliff growled. Joel rolled his eyes. I grabbed Cliff's arm and pulled him aside with me and walked to the girls bathroom. Yes, I even dragged Cliff inside with me. "Bek... come out. c'mon it's only Cliff and I." I told her knocking on the only occupied bathroom door. The voice that replied back was hoarse. It sounded like it was crackling and choaking on something. I frowned and looked up at Cliff. He looked sadder than I was. Always the sucker for a heartbreak comfort story. What a big softy. I patted his chest and he half smiled. "Bekah, babe you wanna come out here?" Cliff tried tapping on the door. "No. Not really." She muttered as if it was the stupidest question to be asked. "Well... then I guess I'll just have to beak down the door." He said. Next thing I new it was swinging on broken hinges.

"Jheeze, this is a public mall you donut." I glared and laughed as Rebekah was standing ont he toilet up against the wall with fear struck in her eyes. "Give a girl some warning!" She shouted and stormed into mine and Cliff's arms. "Ah, c'mon. You'll get your chance with him." He told her stroking her hair. "I just want it now." she said and I nodded understanding her pain. "How about... we head back to the pack house, and get ready for the last dinner we'll ever have in that place?" Cliff reminded me that we were leving and once again my heart pinged with fear and sadness I hated. "Alright. I have a new outfit too." She sniffled. I laughed. "Oh, and if anyone asks... we just had a three some on the bathroom." Cliff grinned and led us back out into the loud food court and back to our table. "What we gonna do about the crack?" I asked pointing at it. Joel shrugged. "Make a run for it?" Tamara suggested. "Yeah good point. GO!" I shouted and we all booked it with our bags and clothes flapping around behind us.

"Elijah." Muttered running into his arms the moment he met us at the front doors of the pack house. "Hey, baby are you okay?" He asked worried. I smiled. "I'm just fine. I missed you." I told him fizing the leather jacket I just wrinkled. "I missed you too. Seriously. Really. Missed. You." He told me between kissing. I melted at each one. This time he didn't speak, he just kept kissing. With a jolt I kissed back tugging nd playing with his soft hair and grinning so wide I swear he kissed my teeth. I even giggled causing a puff of air out of my mouth to startle him. He laughed as well. "How was the mall." He pulled my into his arms again. "Dramatic. Way, way too dramaitic." I replied my forehead getting stress wrinkles and indents. "What happened?" He asked and I explained from top to botton what happened from when we got there and till now.

"Wow. That must be hard." He said truthfully. "I've seen worse." I half smiled and took his hand as we walked into the kitchen. "You're so warm." I told him. He laughed. "Can't stand the heat, stay outta the ktichen." He muttered and added "Thank you though, I believe it has a lot to do with my hotness factor. I reached a seven just yesterday ya'know." He grinned and I couldn't help but smile back. "Did you now? Well. I'm a solid nine so." I smirked in triumpth. "Oh, heck no, not even close." He told me laughing as if I were stupid. I frowned and wanted to pull away.

"You are a solid infinity to me. Every year, every month, every week, of every second, minute and hour of the day, you are forever the most beautiful creature I have ever lay eye's on." He told me pushing the hair out of my face. I blused."You sure do..." I cleared my throat full of emotion. "...have a way with words." I finished and adjusted my top. "I wouldn't do that, it's just going to get messy." He whispered in my ear. "What why?" I asked confused. "Well why adjust a top to perfect if it has whip cream on it?" He asked surprised. "What are yo-" I gasped as he sprayed me.

I grabbed a can off the counter just like he had and popped of the cap and began spraying. I also grabbed a bottle of chocolate fudge sauce and popped it open squirting with delight as it shot him in the face. "Oh!" He gasped and reached blindly for another ingredient that should be added to the large dessert selection for the final pack dinner. Oh well. I watched as he grabbed cherries, and started throwing them at me. I dumped a scopp of ice-cream down his pants and he poured a whole can of pineapples over my head. I gigled and kissed his nose. "At least you taste good." I laughed. He smiled and sprayed some whipcream on my lips and licked it off. "I do believe we both taste good." He said smacking his lips together. I alughed and pulled his head back to mine for another kiss. When we pulled away, we heard the stickyness as our skin detached from eachother. We looked around the kitchen taking inventory.




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