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  • Dedicated to My best friend Rebecca Cooper!

Hey guys! So this book is on another account of mine,  but for some reason it's not letting me login. SO, here it is on my new account!! Let me know what you think, and the characters are to the side btw!!! Thanks!

OH. And not all the chapters are edited! SORRY :)


Katerina Bathas has been tortured by her brother, her pack, and the kids at school ever since her parents died. Her brother needed someone to blame, and he chooses Katerina. The pack wanted someone's life to make living hell, hey why not Katerina? The kids at school needed a geek to make fun of, oh, there's Katerina. And now, on her 16th birthday, she's met her mate. The one person in the world she can turn to, the one to love her through everything, and anything. Only he doesn't. The moment he realises she's his mate, he rejects her. She couldn't take anything more after that, so she did what any sane person would do... she ran.

She was accepted into a pack, the strongest pack that ranks number one, The Untamed pack. And she's set out to be everything she wishes she was. Only her Alpha's joining packs with another, the one's who rank second. Alpha's order's are to be obeyed no matter what, and now Katerina's being forced back in her home town of Ever Falls, and back to join her old pack; The Fallen Moon. The place she swore to never return to, the place where she grew up, and the place she despises. Only, Katerina isn't the same chubby face'd, not so atractive girl she used to be. She's undeniably, breath-takingly beautiful. And she's about to make the lives of the one's she's hated for 2 and a half years - Living. Hell.

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