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Hey guys! So I know I haven't updated in a long time, but with my exams and studying and what not, i've just been busy. I promise i'm not holding out on you guys, I'm dedicated to thing book and all my fans! I'm home sick for the day, so I'll be writing non-stop. My goal is to have four NEW chapters up by the end of the day! Enjoy you guys! I LOVE YOUUUU.

So please don't kill me? NEW POINT OF VIEW ;)<3 Enjoyy. Lmaaao.




Cliff's P.O.V

When I woke up, I heard Katerina scattering around, and then leaving the room. I took that time to yawn, get up, and leave dowstairs for breakfast. I greeted everyone, taking a seat beside Joel, and Stark. There was a faint, distant smell, it got me aroused, and I wanted it. Whatever it was. I just couldn't tell what it actually was. Determined to shrug it off, and to to ignore the throbbing pain I felt in my boxers, and jeans, I got some juice and started chatting it up with everyone. "Did you guys notice Katerina.. acting kind of.. mean, yesterday?" I mutered, stopping everyones conversations. "Mean how?" Kol's mom asked. "I don't know, not normal. Not human. Well you know what I mean, she was just weird." I tried to explain. "Yeah, like she wasn't herself. She treated us like crap." Joel added in and I nodded biting into an apple. "I'm sure she's just tired, guys. She kinda just rejected Elijah.. she feels hurt." Rebekah defended. Elijahs parents frowned about their son. I rolled my eyes. "He's not all that inocent you know." I snapped at them. They bore their eyes into mine. "We were frowning because of his actions, not the actions that have happened to him! We know our son has done wrong." His mother shouted at me. I gulped. "Sorry..." I muttered. She cursed uer her breath but went on ignoring me.

The arousing smell was just lingering around, an I felt myself stiffen uner the table painfully. I gulped down a glass of water. "Are you okay, Cliff?" Bekah asked me. I held back a whimper and nodded. I inhale the air, wanting to take in as much of the intoxicating scent as I could, without looking like a freakwad, and I succeded growing larger an larger owntown in the process. Well, I won't be staning up any time soon, I thought to myself grumpily an rubbed the brig of my nose. "Cliff, are you sure you're okay?" Joel asked raising an eyebrow. I took out my phone and sent him a quick text.

Me; Sprouting one, and it's extremely painful. Do you smell that?

I motioned for him to check his phone with my eyes. He furrowed his brows, reache into his pocket and pulled out his phone scrolling an typing. No-one noticed us, they were just talking amoungst themselves, and I was thankful for the almost privacy. I didn't nee people to realize I was about to explode my yougurt gun. I cringed at the thought.

Joel; Smell what? Dude, what are you talking about, why don't you go take a cold shower?

He texted me back, and I held back another whimper of defeat. Protecters shouldn't be this damn weak, what the hell is happening to me? I shoke my head, slidding my fingers over the Iphone touch screen keys, replying sadly.

Me; Could If I would. But this thing isn't small, It fking hurts. I have no clue what's going on, but someone in this room smells like sex, and candy, and everything amazing, and I want it.

I dropped my phone in my lap angrily and had to bite my lip to supress a loud gasp and I twitched and enlarged. How is this even possible? Can someone grow this big, like is it even natural? Am I mutant? And what was that damned smell, fuck whoever it is, I hate them. Go roll around in mud, mask it, something! I put my head in my hand, and hesitently picked up my phone from my lap before it vibrated from a text. I would be in shit if that happened. I glanced at Joel and he looked at me confused, but with sympathy. My phone stirred in my hand and I read his reply with an almost smile.

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