Feeling the love

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"How was training Katerina, Cliff?" Elijah asked him smirking. He groaned. "She is one tough bi-." I coughed and stopped his sentence. He glanced at me smiling and then said to Elijah "She's getting really good. She's beaten me twenty-seven times, and she's beat Joel fourteen times. And were both Beta's." He said bubbling with excitment. I laughed slightly embarrassed. "Nice job, kiddo." He told me with a huge smile. "Thank you. So when do I get to take you on?" I grinned. He narrowed his gaze, his lips tugging at the corners. "Let's go then." He said and got up and walked out into the back yard. I jumped up and followed him out, Cliff hot on my tail, Joel hot on his. I watched as he waited for me in the middle of the training field ready to lunge. "Ready?" He smirked. "Bring it." I said monotone. It was game on. I narrowed my eyes as we charged for eachother.

"I can't believe you beat the Alpha." Joel said his jaw hanging open. I looked over at him, releasing my foot from Elijah's chest. I closed Joel's mouth. "You'll catch flies." I told him and patted his cheek. He gaped again which made me laugh. "Who are you Katerina Bathas?" Elijah came up behind me and pulled me into a tight hug lifting me off the ground. I giggled helplessly. "You just told me who I was. And can we get inside? It's getting windy." I asked. They nodded and we walked through the glass doors, through the kitchen, and into the living room. I plopped down on the couch beside Elijah and leaned on his shoulder. Cliff sat beside me, Joel beside him. "Did you want to watch a movie?" Cliff asked me. "The Lion King!" I shouted happily. They all groaned. "Dude, why'd you ask her?" Joel smacked his arm. "Oh shut up, you wanna tell her she can't watch her crappy Disney movie?" He snapped back. "Nooo, no thank you. That's all you, bud." Joel muttered and stuck a pillow between the two of them backing away.

"First off, I can hear you. Second off, Were watching. The. Lion. King." I said with as much venom as I could. Then I smiled, bounced off the couch and slipped the DVD into the player and pressed play. When I sat back down, Elijah pulled me into his lap and curled me up like a baby. One arm of his was under my bent knee's, the other was around my waist as my back was lay on his chest. The normal seating arrangment's for when we watched movies. Of course, like every time we watched this movie, I cried. "Why d-does he have to die though? H-he was such a good L-lion." I sobbed into Elijah's shoulder. He laughed and soothed me. "Shh, it's okay. Don't worry. Don't cry." He chuckled lightly between his assuring words. I nodded and watched the screen with a broken heart. Elijah's arms wrapping around me like a blanket of warmth. I can't believe they make him die. Why Mustafa? Why not Scar? I wondered grumpily depressed. "And deer things of all creatures step on him. Deer things! Something is wrong with the people who create Disney movies I'm telling you." I sniffed and wiped my nose on Cliff's shirt. "Sure. Go ahead, use my T-Shirt as a kleenex, no problem." He said dully with anger. I muttered a thanks and continued watching the screen.

"Hakuna, Matata. Hakuna, Matata. It means no worries, for the rest of your days. It's our probl-" I stopped singing when a hand covered my mouth. I followed the arm, the shoulder, until I seen Joel. I glared, got up, and flipped him up and over the couch in a split second. I was breathing heavy and I felt good. I went around it and helped him up pecking his cheek. "Sorry." I told him than sat back down into Elijah's lap grinning. He lay his head on mine rubbing my arm slowly. The gesture felt nice and I smiled on the inside. "Yeah yeah yeah." Joel muttered and rubbed him butt while Cliff laughed. Earning a glare from Joel. When the movie ended, I asked if we could put in another. "Which one now?" Elijah asked me. I thought long and hard about it. Which meant all of two seconds before I blurted out "Finding Nemo." They all groaned. "Please? Please, please please with nut's on top?" I begged. "I'm allergic to nuts." Cliff muttered. "Huh, no wonder you don't have any." I snorted. "Bada bum shh." Joel made the noise that a drum would make after someone told a good joke. I laughed and stuck the movie in once again settling in my place in Elijah's lap watching the movie screen.

Normally, an Alpha shouldn't be so envolved with hanging out with the members of his pack. He should be working hard, doing paper work and phone call stuff, but Elijah had told me that he swore he would always be by my side when I needed him, no matter what. His exact words were "I'm going to be your rock, Kat. Stuck to your hip like super glue, you need me, I'm there. Always. I promise." I remember his infectious smile and the way he pulled me in for a hug, his arms wrapped to protectivly around me. I sighed and curled closer into him. He rubbed my back and soon the corners of my vision were blurring. My eye's felt like sand paper as they finally shut, letting me fall into a deep restless sleep.


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