Tears and Temptation.

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Katerina's (P.O.V)

The day, surprisingly, went by extremely fast. It could be because each class ws really only about getting to know eachother for the most part, or getting text books assigned to us. Someitme during lunch, and through the rest of the classes, we had talked to everyone in the school and told them about the party at our masion. For the most part, everyone was loads excited. Before I knew it, I was in Food and Nutrition with Rebekah, Joel and Renee. The classroom was set up with six small round tables around the room, and the teachers desk at the front of the room. Kitches were lined in the back, sort of in a square, and the fridges were in the middle, against the wall at the very back too."So, tell me again why you took cooking?" I asked Joel and he glared at the ceiling, his back leaning against his chair. "I thought that it meant I could eat endlessly." he sighed and put his fist to his cheek, leaning on his desk. Rebekah, Renee and I all laughed at him. He grumbled under his breath but Rebekah stopped it by meeting his lips with hers. I smiled at how cute they were, and just then the teacher walked in. She had auburn hair, her skin looked kind of old though, so I wondered why she didn't have any grey hairs. She was semi slim, semi chubby, and had a carry on/bag wheeling behind it. "Good, looks like all my chairs are filled." she said glancing around the room for a second before leaning it bag against the way, and standing infront of her desk facing up.

"I'm gonna start by saying this. I don't give a damn where you sit, as long as you don't talk when i talk, and you listen when I want, we will have no problems. I'm Mrs. Benson-Lapp, you can call me exactly that, otherwise I will not reply, and you will simply just sit in your seat and feel stupid the entire time." she gave a small, forced smile, and I loved her already. "A little bit about myself. I'm the only one in my redneck, white trash, welfare family to graduate and make something of my life, my dads an over-weight, donut eating cop, I have a brother who follows in his footsteps, my sister who owns a sex shop, and my mother who doesn't believe in eating or drinking anything to do with dairy. Any questions? No. Great. I'm going to talk attendence. If I get your name wrong, don't bother to correct me, I don't feel like loosing my job for backhanding any of you's today." she said, and I took hint of her tangie, country accent as she sat down at her desk and started naming off names. "I love this teacher." Bekah grinned at me and I nodded with one of my own. When ou naems were called, we said here and whatever, and soon we were handed a worksheet to work on for the rest of class.

It was on eating disorder's, and we were allowed to talk so long as it was all finished at the end of class. I was thankful it was last period. "So, Kaden huh?" Renee asked me. I shrugged, joting down another answer. "He seems cool, right?" I asked her, meeting her eyes with a smile. "Yeah, I like him." Rebekah said matter of factly, jumping in before Renee could answer. "I have him in my homeroom class, he's a pretty nice guy, I'll admitt." Joel said, and I laughed. "His accent though..." I trailed off in a daze before shaking out of it. "So he's not in a pack?" Renee asked and I shoke my head. "Nope, he just moved here with his mom." I told her, and pointed to the answer for them to write down before continuing. "I was thinking it would be cool if they joined out pack, but do you guys think that would be too sudden? Seeing as I only met him this morning?" I asked, wanting there opinions. Bekah shrugged and Joel wrapped an arm around her. "I don't think so. I mean..." she lowered her voice. "Werewolves are werewolves, and they aren't rogues, they're bound to be family sooner or later." she said and I chewed the inside of my cheek. "Yeah, that's true. But do you guys think Elijah would be okay with it? Or better yet... Kol?" asked with wide worried eyes.

"Well....." Renee's voice got high and scratchy as she chewed her lip. "He does seem kind of jealous, Kol I mean, I haven't even seen Elijah." she said and I looked at her confused. "Jealous? Why would he be jealous, we just admitted yesterday that weloved eachother, s-" I pursed my lips realizing I just gave out a lot of information. Rebekah and Renee both grinned and squealed in there seats. "Are you serious!?" they whisper/shouted together, and I blushed ignoring them and jotting down another answer. In result, Joel took my penicl, and threw it acroos the room when Mrs. Benson-Lapp wasn't looking. I glared at him. "Thanks baby." Bekah grinned at him, pecked him lip then turned to me. "Spill." she said, and I flinched at the demanding sound of it before sighing. "Okay. So I was a little... on edge yesterday, and I almost forced Kol into marking me out of emotion, and he didn't, claiming he loved me too much to do that to me, and then I ended up crying in his arms for the rest of the night, and told him that I loved him too." I said, leaving out the parts about throwing myself at him because I was upset about Melonie's abuse, and my own past.

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