Pitter, patter.

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Katerina's (P.O.V)

"Don't go in the closet.. no no no no, It's dark in there don't ope-" "-Boo!" Kol boomed in my ear and I let our a blood curling scream and burried my head into the crook of his neck. "You jerk, what the hell is the matter with you!" I shouted at him and pounded my fist on his chest repeatedly until finally he just took a hold of them, spun me around in his lap so I straddled him and smiled at me. "I'm sorry." He told me, and I stopped breathing for a second. Recovering myself, I pulled away gently from him and turned around to watch the movie again. "I hate this movie, I hate this movie, I hate this movie..." I chanted below my breath and shoke my head back an forth. "The Skeleton Key.. really? It's not even scary." Joel commented, obviously using his stupid wolfy ears to hear my mantra. I narrowed my eyes. "Shut up, it is too." I grumbled. He laughed and shaking his head, pulled Rebekah into his arms further and kissed her. I felt a pang, wishing someone would kiss me like that. No, wishing Kol would kiss me like that. Sighing I just curled back under his arm and starred at the screen. I felt his breath over my neck before his lips pressed into it. I tilted my head back, trying not to moan. "Your wish is my comand.." He huffed and suddenly, my face was being grabbed, and spun to meet Kol's beautifuly perfect lips.

"Really bitch, seriously that whole whore comment just more realistic like... every day." a snarky voice added before I got my lips touched by his. Groaning I turned around to face Melonie. She had on arm crossed across her chest, the other lifted up near her face, and a single bitten apple in it as she chewed and smirked at me. "You know something.. I would say I missed you, but I really didn't." I told her, and pushed the hair away from my face, seriously annoyed that fate wasn't allowing me to kiss my mate like I fudging wanted! "We'll I didn't really go anywhere, you did. But I have to say, I liked the emotionless you just a little bit, she seemed like she knew what she wanted." she said and took another bite of her apple with her stupid glossed lips. I rolled my eyes. "Figures you would like that version of me. Well I'm so please to tell you that I'm not her anymore, so run along peasent." I growled and adjusted myself on Kol's lap. All eyes were directed towards Melonie, him and I. Darting between us in silence, even the movie was paused so they could hear. Some friends I have, god. She growled right back and whipped her apple at me.

I gasped with wide eyes. "Did you just throw your slimy, disgusting, saliva filled fruit at me?" I asked, trying to stay calm. "I did, what of it butch?" she snarled. "I could have STD's from that thing, to you know how fucking gross that is?" I shouted, trying best not to throw up. "Well considering I know you, I know what gross is. You're about as bad as it gets, so." she shrugged casually. I glared at her and she took a single, hand filed perfectly pedicured nail and ushered for me to come closer to her. "I'd like to keep a safe distance sorry. I could possibly drop dead at any moment, I'd like to use my last ones up peacfully." I told her. I didn't know where all this bravery was coming from, but I liked the feeling. She growled again. "Mutt." I muttered under my breath. Bekah laughed. "Seriously, Mel, baby, just go back to your cave." She told her. Joel tried to hide his laugh, and I could tell everyone else was too. All melonie did was glare at her though.

"Stay out of this fizz ball, no one asked you to speak." She said. Bekah just rolled her eyes. "Why are you even here barbie?" Cliff asked, narrowing his eyes and protecting both Bekah and I. "I have reasons jock, now shut up." Melonie flicked him off and Cliff started shaking. With the help of Stark, for once I didn't have to calm him down, and that was a relief off of my chest to be honest. "What reason's would those be?" I asked her, taking her eyes off of Cliff, and directing the back in my direction. After a few moments of silence, she spoke again. "Kol baby, did you wanna do a quicky in the closet upstairs? You know.. like earlier today?" She commented, and my eyes snapped up to meat his. He clenched his fist's on the arm rests of the chair. "Melonie. Leave." He growled. "What's wrong, was that supposed to be a secret baby?" She said, trying to sound seductive, but honestly she sounded like a deranged horse. How did guys find that stuff attractive? Seriously, I would enver understand. I hoped that girls like prissy, bitcharinna Melonie sounded better during sex otherwise I would probably cry myself to sleep every night after hearing that.

"What the hell are you even talking about?" Kol spat back. I snapped back into reality, wondering what Melonie was taling about too. Did Kol really sleep with her? "You know, like an hour and a half ago, the closet... you... me." She winked and fluttered her eybrows. Can I say gag much? And then it clicked into my head and I went of like a fucking fire cracker. "God you are a such a munipulative, lying bitch. Is that how you go through life? Making people feel bad about themselves on this that aren't true?" I growled. "How are you so sure it's not true there, hun?" she smirked, leaning forward so her cleavage popped out of her shirt. I rolled my eyes, stood up, and walked closer and closer to her with each word. "I'm sure, positive, a 100%, because about an hour ago, I was here, in the living room, wrapped in Kol's arms, like you wish you were." I told her, slowly, like talking to a child. Growling for the last time she lundged for me, and I let her smash me to the ground, and I let her pull my hair, and scratch my face with her demon claws she calls nails, because at the last second, while we rolled around on the ground, sqeuaking and thrusting away, I spun us over, slammed her shoulders against the ground and glared. "Got anything else to say?" I screetched.

She looked defeated, and tired out, just the reaction I was hoping for. I remembered Elijah teaching me to let your oponent get weaked, and then pounce at the last minute. Who knew I could use things Elijah said seriously? No, that was a lie. Partly a lie, I couldn't deny the fact that I had feelings for Elijah, but I also couldn't deny the fact that I wanted Kol, in every single way possible, and that I was scared out of my mind, and confused as hell by why it was such a sudden cahnge in emotion. Although, he seemed to be enjoying it. I glanced back at Kol, and all he looked at the moment was slightly worried. Shrugging it off, I looked down at the troll. Melonie's face was scrunched up, squished and looking angry. But in a few seconds, as I waited for her peanut brain to think, her face smoothed out. Her features becoming more normal, and then a very cocky, annoying smile broke out onto her face. "What's that look for?" I demanded. "You're not the only one with secrets you know." she snickered and I growled, pushing harder on her shoulder. I didn't like violence, but she deserved it, I mean come on! She's like Tamara, but blonde.

"What are you talking about, Melonie." I demanded once again from her. All she did was laugh though, and when she finally settled down she dramatically wiped a 'tear' from her eye. I could practically hear Rebekah's eye roll at that. "Our pack's going to have a little baby running around soon." She smirked. My eyes widened and my grip dropped completely. Only she didn't push me off or take advantage she just continued to laugh. "Who's baby?.." A strained voice from beside me asked, and I realised just a millo second after that it was Kol who had asked. Was everyone thinking what I was thinking? That it was his baby, that my mate got another girl pregnant? She smirked, stopping her laughing fit. "Don't worry gorgeous, it's not me who's going to get fat.. It's Tamara." She said, and pushed me off of her, dusted her self off, and click clacked away on her stupid heels. Leaving the rest of us, completely stunned.



Anyways, here you guys go. I felt bad for updating so late, so I decided to give you a another chapter!




Melonie's a (insert swear word here) RIGHT!? UGGGGGGGHHH.


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