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Cliff's (P.O.V)

What did I do? What did we do?

I glanced quickly at Joel who looked about as stunned, regretful, and upset as I did. I ran a hand through my hair and plopped down on the couches of the alpha office. Katerina looked so... broken. And we did that to her. Not only us, but we brought back everything that was weighing her down, all her problems, all her issues that's she going through... we brought it down on her in a split second, causing her to collapse against the pain, and run. Run like she did years ago from her pack, her brother, her mate. First she ran to us, now she ran from us, and I didn't like this feeling. "She... she's gonna come back right? I mean it's not like she's leaving us or anything.. right?" Joel asked me, his voice small. I bit my lip and sideways glanced at him. "I sure as hell hope not." I said, and sighed. "I was just so tired of it!" he screetched, his voice cracking. I flinched at the sound. "I know..." I whispered. "I just wanted her to open up, to tell us what was wrong, to stop taking on the weight of the world on those tiny little shoulders and to let us help her carry it!" He ranted, tugging at his hair. I couldn't interupt him, I couldn't add anything ebcause that was exactly what I was thinking. "We're her protecters, Cliff. She's supposed to trust us with anything, and she didn't, she doesn't." he concluded, his voice almost unheard it was so soft and sad. "She'll be okay, Joel. If shes hurt, we'll feel it. She'll be okay, she won't run." I told him, but I didn't know if I was telling him to assure him.. or myself. An even then it felt like a lie.

"We pressured her, Cliff. We pressured her into telling us, and she cracked. She didn't even call us by our names! She addressed us as the beta's, Cliff, the beta's! Did you see those tears? That destroyed look? We did that, what's going on around her... is doing that." He gasped and I felt myself mimic the action, remembering her heart breaking face... no matter how much I didn't want too. "What the FUCK did you do!?" A voice belowed, fierce, powerful, scary. I snapped my eyes towards the person standing at the door with wide eyes, and I'm sure Joel followed suit. "W-We didn't do anything." Joel stuttered, obviouslynervous under her gaze. But all Rebekah did was narrow her eyes further. "You lying, fucking, idiot. You both did something to Kat, because I just watched her storm out of here, bawling her little eyes out." She said deathly calm, her voice laced with venom, and Joel whimpered as I held mine in. This is one scary chick, I thought to myself. "Did she say anything to you?" I asked, thanking the lord my voice didn't crack in fear. Rebekah's eyes sanpped towards me in anger. "She didn't even see me! She didn't see anything around her, she was oblivious to everyone calling her name! Now either you tell me what happened, or I'm leaving to let Kol and Elijah deal with you both." She said, her voice still low, still calm, and I gulped.

I knew Joel wouldn't say anything, because the main reason we were so tired of Katerina ignoring us was because she could go to Rebekah, and not us. It was mostly me mad, of course, since Joel loves Bekah so much he can't function around her, but still. It was there, in the list of things we said to Katerina. "Nothing?" she asked, stunned, wide eyes, and visious. I blinked at her and I seen her eyes glaze over with unshed tears, before she quickly recovered herself, letting her wolf come to peak, her eyes blazing with black fury. "Well then. Find else where to sleep Joel." She mumbled, and scoffed. "So much for 'trust is the most important thing'." she added, before shaking her head, and leaving the room, checking her phone as she did, and soon was gone and unseen. Joel let out a whimper, a loud whimper and I frowned. Then, like a burning sensation through my body did I feel it, a pull, a desire, an urge, and a pang. A pang of pain. Oh no. Stark. My mate. What have I done. What have I fucking done? I quickly said a goodbye to Joel who was still too shocked to move, before stalking out of the room and speed walking towards my room. I... I was so cold to him. He tried to stop this, he tried to warn me to not go to far with Kat, not to push it, but I didn't listen, and I brushed him off like he was nothing. I wanted to scream, scream until my lungs popped and I could no longer breathe. The guilt was setting my insides to a flame, and I felt absolutely sick to my stomach. Something was wrong, something was so so so wrong.

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