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"Kat, give me time too, please. Let me show you I can do better, I need you in my life. I died a million time when I felt that you left. I didn't want to talk to anyone, I lashed out on my parents." He told me. I flinched. Poor Mr and Mrs Night, I thought sadly. "Like I said, the only thing keeping me a live was the fact that you were. I was begging anyone and everyone for them to bring you back to me, so I could tell you once and for all how much you actually mean to me. You. Are. My. Life. Please, can you please let me try and fix this. I know I can do better, I wan't to do better for us. I promise, please." He told me his voice strong and begging. I can't give in... I can't give in... I can't give in... I told myself over and over again. "Okay... just.. okay. You want Melonie, you marked Melonie, you have Melonie. Not me. I have Elijah. Hell, I even have Cliff, and Joel, and Bekah and Tamara. We might have joined packs, but I know when I'm not wanted, and I know my place. I know where I belong, where I deserve to belong. And it's not with you, Kol. Time can't fix this one. But go ahead and try." I told him and got up to walk out.

He reached for my hand and I felt the tingles rush up my skin. I urged to zap him, willed to make his blood cold. He yelped and let go of my hand in an instint. "What was that?" He demanded. "That was a warning. Back of bitch, she's stronger than you." Rebekah said suddenly between us. Additude in her sassy voice. I smirked and let, her dragging behind me. When we reached the living room it was only Elijah, Ace, Joel and Cliff sitting around looking worried. They all stood up when they entered and Elijah ran at me. "Hey." I grinned and hugged him. "Hey ba- ...." He scratched the back of his neck trailing off with wide eyes. "What is there something on my face?" I asked touching it. "Uh.. I uh... no no." He cleared he throat. "You just look... beautiful." he told me and pecked my lips. I blushed. I was debating on telling him what happened with me and Kol. Should I? Would he be mad? Was there even anything to tell? "Well let's go!" Cliff said rubbing his hands together and wrapping his arm around my shoulder. Elijah glared but let him lead me out of the house and to his Hummer.

Me and Bekah sat in the back with Cliff while Joel and Elijah were in the fron seat's, Elijah driving. The radio was playing in the back round as I lay starring out the window. Cliff was between me and Rebekah. Suddenly she screamed "TURN IT UP, TURN IT UP." and I jumped smacking my head on the window. "Ouch! God, Bek, calm down." I told her rubbing it. "You alright back there?" Joel asked us and I groaned saying "No." grumpily. Elijah turned up the radio and I heard that the song "Life is a Highway." by Rascal Flatts would be blasting throught the speakers as soon as this stupid song, whatever it was, was done. I knew why she had screamed, I loved this song! "Everybody shh. I need to hear this." I told them rude and demanding. "Seriously. Love when. She. Takes. Charge." Elijah said through his jaw clenched and I couldn't help but laugh nervousily. "SHUT UP." Bekah yelled when the song started playing. We sang along happily.

Humming to the beat, wiggling around, I didn't know I'f I could ever be more joyful. It felt so good, just relaxing with my friends. After Kol pissing me off, I liked being calm again. I tapped my hand on my thigh bobbing my head around a huge grin on my face. Even Cliff was singing! Really bad I might add... but still singing! When the song ended I couldn't help but be sad. But as soon as Rebekah started laughing I joined in grinning again. "So guys, did you have any idea's as to where were going to find a pace with 200+ bedrooms?" Cliff asked after it got quiet. "None what-so-ever." Elijah groaned. "Every body put on your thinking faces." I told them. Soon, everyone was scrunching there eyebrows together as I sang "Do do do do , do do do do, do do do DA da da da da da , do do do do, do do do do, do do do do DA da da da da da." to pass the time.

"What about just building one? We could wait out our arrangements for a bit." Cliff suggested. "We could, but that would be twice as much money than we have, even with two packs." Elijah dissmissed that idea. "Well what about two different pack houses near eachother, I mean it's cheaper right?" I asked. "Awh baby, that's a nice though but it kind of defeats our purpose." he told me in a soft voice. "Okay." I muttered grumpily, I thought it was a pretty good idea, far away from Kol as I can get. Ugh. "What about an apartment building?" Joel asked. We all eyes him like he was an idiot. "Right, sorry." He said running his hand through his hair. "We would just need the nature, to many humans ya know?" I tried telling him to cheer him up. He grinned at me. "I'm stumped." Cliff muttered. I think we were all about to give up after about 20 minutes of thinking and driving in circles until Rebekah screamed again. Only this time, she screamed "I know a place!" once again making me hit my head.

"God if you get any more idea's I'm going to go into a coma." I shouted at her stroking the back of my goose egged skull. She giggled shyly. "Sorry..." "Yeah, yeah." I muttered and Elijah asked her what she had in mind. "Well, I remember that in the new's a few week's ago an indoor water park went out of buissness because they weren't bringing in enough money. It was a huge hotel kind of thing with a water park, a buffet, a game room, and ourdoor pool, and millions of rooms. Sadly they just couldn't keep it, so I think it might be up for sale." she told us smiling like she had a secret. "Well where is it?" Joel asked her, his voice serious. It was all buisness at the moment. "It's... I think a few miles from here. I went there as a kid a few times, it's the coolest." she said, that glint in her eyes.

"Well that's great! I mean how many room's do you think it has?" I asked her. "And could it fit over two hundred people?" Cliff added. She nodded eagerly. "Tottally. I think it fits like.. 350, possibly. All I know is it's a family vaction place, or atleast it was. It was amzing. The waterpark is huge, and the rooms are all different. Plus, there's even registry! Which means that people could be programed to have certain rooms and keys. Like I said, it's almost like a hotel." She was geting more and more excited, like it was the smartest idea she ever had. I couldn't help but laugh at her reactions, she looked so adorable all giddy and smiley. "And it's all cabin looking, like wood railings and chairs and bet frames and whatever. It looks warm a fuzzy, I loved it there as a kid." she said grinning. "Wow. It sounds perfect." Elijah said."So what's this place called?" he added, asking her. She smirked that secret smile. "Great wolf lodge." She told us, her eyes light with humor. (Picture's on the side). "Oh." I said. "My." Cliff said. "God." Joel finished. And then Bekah started laughing.



SO. DId you knwo that Great Wolf Lodge is a real place? I've been there a million times with my fham, and it's just like I discribed! IT'S SO WOLFY.







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