Up and Down

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"Well. Welcome to our new home." I mumbled to my wolf as I stood in the lobby of Great Wolf Lodge.

Welcome home.

She whispered, her voice soft and gentle and content.

It had been fixed up since the last time I had been here with my little group. Sighing, remembering the times when I was with Elijah. Thinking about being his wife, talking about cubs, and families. It was all wiped away by an act of stupidity. Wiping the corners of my eyes, I turned to face the two packs that crowded around our new home. Everyone was starring in awe. Talking amoungst eachother, smiling, stunned with shock and amazement. I twirled around, following their eyes. Looking along the walls, seeking the beauty of the new addition of this place. For weeks the pack members were building up what was broken, washing down everything, getting it ready for the move. My group, meaning Joel, Rebekah, Cliff, Stark, Kol, Ace, Renee.. even Elijah and Tamara and I were on systems duty. We were to assign everyone their official rooms, and get all the heat and water systems up and working. I knew for a full fact Elijah would try and start a conversation with me.

I wouldn't say that Kol was in my picture yet, considering know one knows about our kiss, and I haven't told him that the feelings I have for him, the one's I've kept hidden for 2 and a half years, are finally being unravelled, that I loved him. I've been careful to keep my mental wall up so he couldn't read my thoughts, and even then I tried my best not to think about it so he didn't get a heads up before I could talk to him about it. I had to talk to Elijah though. I was wondering if I should wait and see if he'll tell me himself, but either way I can't deny that my love for Elijah didn't just go away. It was still there, beneath the surface of my new healing heart. Once again wiping the tears from the corners of my eyes I looked to the groups. I was standing slightly behind Kol with Rebekah at my side, as I watched him hush, and silence the pack members to a halting stop so he could begin to tell them their instructions. "First things first..." He started, catching the eyes and attention of every single person. "Welcome." He grinned, and I felt myself get winded by the beauty of it. Why didn't he smile more, why was it always smirking? He looked like perfection. My eyes travelled down the length of his body, slowly, tauntingly, I was practically torturing myself.

I was hungry. I was starving for Kol. It hasn't even been 3 hours since our first official kiss - or make out session - and I wanted more. Licking my dry lips, I trailed my eyes back up his legs. Don't look at his penis... don't look at his penis... don't look at his penis... Holy fuck. Trying to hide it best I could, I fanned myself. He was big, no, he was huge, he was attractive, I bit the inside of my cheek and closed my eyes tightly. Stop thinking about it, stop thinking about it, stop, stop sto-

Kat, you're kinda giving me an erection, mind keeping your thoughts in check?

Kol's voice rung through my mind and I scolded myself for letting my mental wall shatter. I could hear the smirk lacing his face, I was too scared to look at it though. So instead I nodded, knowing very well he could see me, and just kept my eyes closed, using my will power to lace my face with ice to keep him away, and out of it. Sighing after a pinch of brain freeze pain, I felt relieved that he couldn't hear my thoughts. I was un believably drawn to him, and he was trying to talk to a large group of our pack members. It would not be good for my to jump him right here, right now. I wasn't about to potentially scar kids for the rest of their lives. Pinching the bridge of my nose I listened to the rest of what he had to say. Apparently he was just finishing up. "Leave all your luggage and what not in the lobby, and send one person from each family, group, or partnership up to the registration so Katerina, Rebekah or Tamara, can assign you to your official rooms in the new pack house." and with that, he walked away with a Cliff, Joel, Ace and Elijah trailing behind him. "Wait, I'm sorry what did he just say?" Bekah said bursting with anger.

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