You idiot!

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"Don't stop." she told me when I tried pulling away. I nodded, not understanding, but continued pushing, thinking about snowflakes, how each one was different from another. I imagined how beautiful they were, I imagined the necklace I lost, that beautful snowflake necklace Ace gave me. "This is amazing." Bekah told me. I opened my eyes quickly, and I gasped myself. There, flowing from my hands to Rebekah's, was a series of intrink designs of snowflakes joined together going up her bare arms. They were sparkling, glowing. I could see each one! They were all diffrent from one another, just like I was thinking! They were beautiful, so, so beautiful. It was like white christmas on skin. I ran my hand over her wrist. It was cold, like snow should be, like winter should be. I was lost for words, stunned in shock. And it started fading once I pulled my hands away from her's slowly.

Bekah had her hands in a prayer motion covering his nose and mouth. "That was so cool. Kat, I can't even begin to explain how awesome it is that you picked it up so fast!" she praised me. I blushed. "I felt good, it felt like relief. Like I was bundling something up for so long, that I just had to let it go, and I did." I laughed. "Did you wanna try again?" she asked me grinning. "No, I'm kind of tired. How about we go see Elijah?" I pursed my lips still slightly ticked off at her. I crossed my arms and stood up, her following behind me as we walked back.

We walked in the pack house doors and she whined. "Please stop being mad." She told me and closed it behind her. "It's not.." I sighed annoyed. "It's not that I'm mad, I'm just upset that I let it get to me so bad. I was about ready to kill Tamara." I told her. "I said I was sorry how much more do you want me to say." She told me sadly. I was about to say something but her eyes turned sad and I watched her body slum. "What's wrong?" I mouthed to her. "Joel and Tamara are coming down." she said her voice cracking. Just then Joel, Tamara clinging to his hip came down the stairs gligging like school girls. I rolled my eyes. "Hey! How're you guys?" She chirped up grinning. Joel wrapped her arm around her. "Were fine. Thanks." Bekah snapped crossing her arms like I had perviously. Tamara flinched.

"Rebekah, I don't understand what I did to you for you to treat me like this.." She said frowning deeply. "You didn't do anything." She said and looked away annoyed. I sighed. "Bekah, talk to m- Oh ym god." Tamara froze after touching Rebekah's hand. We all looked at her funny, even Joel. "What is it babe?" He asked her. She looked so shocked... she was still frozen, her hand still out as if Rebekah's was in it, but it wasn't. She ripped it out as soon and Tamara started looking at her funny. "What's wrong?" I asked her confused. "I didn't know, Bekah I'm so sorry." She hugged her and I over heard her say "I know he's your mate." before pulling away and facing Joel with sad eyes. "Joel, I don't think we're working out. I'm sorry." She told me and pecked his cheek before rushing upstairs. Me and Bekah stood their with wide eyes and jaws dropped. "What just happened?" I muttered still confused.

"What did you say to her Rebekah?" Joel shouted in her face. "I didn't say anything! I swear." She defended her voice cracking. "Then why'd she just dump me!, thing's were fine until you said something. Wha'd you tell her!" She shouted again. Rebekah's eyes started watering. "I promise, Joel I promise I didn't say anything." She said her voice getting higher, more pleading. "Yeah right. I was happy, Bek. Why'd you day anything, I just wanna know what you said." He said his voice still harsh. "I didn't say anything! I'm being honest, Koel, please!" She begged. "Stay away from me." He told her flatly. She whimpered and crashed to the floor. "You idiot what have you done! She's your mate! She didn't say anything to her, Tamara decided that for herself." I screamed at him and started pounding against his chest. "She's my what?" he asked his face dropping.

"I'm your mate. I-I found out two and a h-half month's ago. I didn't want t-to tell you because you were.. w-were so happy. Even though.. it wasn't with me. I wanted you to be h-happy." She barly squeezed out with her raspy, throaty voice. Something flashed past his eye's, I watched as he started... he just got this glow to him. And then it dissappeared and He dropped to his knees infront of her. I backed away giving them some privacy. "I take it back, Bek. I take it all back. I'm so sorry, I didn't know. I know now, I feel it now. You're mine, you will always be mine. And I'll spend the rest of our lives making it up to you. I didn't mean to say those things, Bek please." He begged her. She sniffled and wiped her eyes free of tears. "You really hurt me." She told him, his voice small and hoarse.

"I'm so sorry." He told her, tears pooling in his eyes and spilling down his cheeks. "You have to believe me when I tell you that If I would have known, I never would have said those awful things." He told her, more tears flowing. Bekah cracked. "Hey, no no no. You aren't supposed to be crying. Don't cry, please you're hurting me. Stop crying." she begged him this time. All I could do was watch in silence. My heart panging with each word they spoke to one another. "But you didn't know, and you treated me like Kol treats Kat." She told him exasperated. My own face fell, but I kept quiet. "I didn't realize I was so.. terrible." he said surprised, new tears falling. Rebekah wiped them up and told him "Please. Stop. Crying." in and urging voice. "I will if you promise not to leave me. You can't leave me." he whispered the last part. She looked taken back, as if he was so stupid to think she would do such a thing. "I promise." she told him and he pulled her to him so fast I didn't even have time to blink. That's when I left them alone, well.. alone together.



Sorry it's kinda short but, OH WELL <3






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