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With that I turned back around dragging Cliff with me as I walked away from my mate. All that I could think about was that you can get rejected, but once you accept it, it becomes half-way official. I rushed down stairs, or I was until Cliff yanked me back. "Kat, you're leaving forst bite on my damn skin." he told me and ripped his wrist away rubbing it. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." I told him and pulled him in for a hug. "I was just angry." I told him and he sighed in relief when I made his wrist aching disappear. "No, I know. I'm sorry too." He said and pecked my forhead. "I am so proud of you, Kat. The way you stood up to him, it was realy brave of you to reject him." He told me in awe. "Then why do I feel so crappy?" I muttered, tears escaping my eyes. He wipe them. "Because you kinda.. sorta.. just lost your mate." He said and pushed the hair out of my eyes. I nodded. "It was by choice. He told me writing it wasn't official, I gave him official. Maybe now I'll loose that stupid pull towards him and I can be happy with Elijah." I sobbed.

"Speaking of Elijah if I let you go, are you going to be able to contain yourself?" He asked. I laughed nervousily. "Yes, I swear." I told him. He nodded and pecked my forehead again. "Okay, let's go." He said and we walked further into the living room. Elijah rushed up to me in an instant. "Oh my god, baby ar eyou alright? Are you feeling okay, how's your head?" He asked me roaming my body with inspection. I smiled shyly. "I'm okay. I promise, or atleast I will me. I accepted his rejection." I told him in a low voice, but since everyone was werewolves, I'm sure they all heard. He looked at me for a moment before kissing me long and hard and hugging me to his chest. "I'm sorry you had to go through that." He told me. I nodded. "Although, nothing really happened. I guess there just isn't any pain." I told him. He smield at that. "Good, I couldn't bare to see you in pain." He told me and pullled me in for an even harder kiss.

When we pulled away, I couldn't stop my smiling. My cheek's actually started hurting. "Dont worry, and dont panic, but we need to go to the Pack meeting room and talk to Kol." Joel said. "Oh yippy." I said sarcastically. "Don't worry, the emotional bond is broken, it's only the physical one that makes you guys still have the title as mates. Emotionally you will have no urge, need, or want to be with him. Physically you are just still connected to him. " Tamara said. It was like I hadn't seen her in weeks, but that wasn't true. I smiled at her. But then what she said clicked in and I full our grinned. "Then let's get this thing over with. I am starving, and would like to buy our new home." I told them cheekily and skipped to the meeting room Elijah pulling behind me, and everyone else following.

"So I understand you wanted to talk with us about something?" Kol's father asked. Everyone was in the room with us, quiet and listening to Elijah. Kol was in the corner of the room with red rimmed eyes. I wanted to laugh, but I didn't. I listened along with everyone else. "Yes, I did, thank you sir." Elijah started. "I wanted to bring to your attention the arrangements of rooms and space. This house just doesn't have enough room, so I figured that we should try and find one that does. A few of my pack memebers and I discovered an old waterpark/lodge, spactious, fit for family and has enough room for 3 packs if not more, we can fit with room to spare, our pack memebers can make families, cubs can grow up in a big home, it has everything since in it's former days it was practically a hotel vacation place. And it's for sale." Elijah said in his Alpha tone, clear, cool and collected. Elijah's mother spoke up, "Oh hunny, that sounds perfect." she praised him, he glaned a half smile towards her than starred at Kol.

"It's your pack, too. It's also your decision as much as it is mine." Elijah told him. Kol cleared his throat. "It sounds perfect, like like Mrs. More said. I think it will be good for us. We'll put in half of the money, buy it, and we'll move into it in 4 day's. Thank you, Alpha Elijah." Kol said his voice not so powerful. "It's no problem. My beta's mate Rebekah Mayer is actually the discoverer of this place. You should thank her." Elijah said to everyone in the room, a proud smile on his face. "Oh, Rebekah dear, well done! And Congardulations on Joel" Esther told her and pulled her into a hug. "T-thank you m'am." Bekah said shyly. I laughed. "Do you know how much the place goes for, son?" Elijahs father asked. "Oh, yeah. 80 million. I checked about 10 minutes ago. And it's all included, electricity, gas, water, heat." And everyone started grinning and smiling. "Well that's nothing compared between the two of our packs. We've saved up 265 million for collage funds and such in our pack alone." Esther said. "And our pack has saved a little under that, we've got it all covered." Kol said sounding a little impressed.

"Well then, we'll take care of it, and you guys will start packing up here. Sell all the funiture that isn't airlooms, or importent for extra money, this place had no need for it, and all rooms are already furnished. Boxe's, bags, and suitcases. There's wilderness and seclution fit for our needs as wolves. Also, This place has registration, everyone will be assigned a room fitted for their life style. Family, single, mated or friend. You will need to make a registration for a room before hand, so just wait in the lobby when the day comes. The Untamed pack, please work with The Fallen Moon, no hassle, that's an order from your alpha." Elijah told him in a strong voice. I felt the pull and nodded along with our agreeing pack. "Also, take any breakable items with you in your cars, it's better that way. Take a full day to buy anything and everything you may need, keep in mind that there is a waterpark. Be sure you don't forget anything, we won't be coming back." Kol added. "Alright, my regular group, let's head out. We have a home to buy." Elijah grinned and pulled me in for a long kiss.








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