I can't catch a break.

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** Contains swearing that some readers might find either offensive or amusing***

"Melonie." I squeezed through clenched teeth."You know your hair doesn't change anything. You're still a pathetic, fat, low-life. Only now, you're a whore as well." She said non-chalently. Rebekah growled, and got up in her face. "You're calling her a whore? You? Oh my god, that's hilarious." She laughed. "Do you own a mirror, or have you broken them all?" Tamara added just as pissed off. I watched Bekah's hands glow again. Melonie looke over at me smirking. "Getting people to fight your battles? I knew you were just as weak as you always were." She smiled. "So tell me, how does it feel knowing your parents died because of you? Little Katerina all alone." She fake pouted. I flinched, and got up trying to hol Rebekah and Tamara back. "Leave her the fuck alone, before I rip your throat out." Tamra growled. Melonie din't even flinch. "Shut it. Go back to your man toy, ho." She flipped her hair and starred at me again. "You never answered my question. How does it feel?" She mocked me.

"It feels horrible. I regret it every second of every day." I told her with a strong voice. She laughed. "That's what I thought. Get this straight. You are ALWAYS going to be that same worthless, over-weighted, ugly, sad excuse for a werewolve. You will always be nothing, and soon everyone is going to realize I'm right. Even your little pack of dogs." She snarled. I grew angry. "You might have your brother back, but he'll come to his senses. And listen to me when I say this. You will NEVER be apart of this pack, Kol will NEVER love you, and you SHOULD have died that same night of your parents." She told me. That was my breaking point. "And you listen to me, you spoiled, hateful, narcissistic, tramp! I am MUCH stronger than you now, and don't think I won't hesitate to slap that plastic surgery damaged face back to it's original place. I'm done being treated like trash by you Melonie, and I'm done taking all the crap you and your blonde bimbo's dish out. If you think I wont be accepted into this pack, YOU'RE wrong. Cause' guess what? I. Just. Was." I said coldly, gathering up as much vemon and anger I could in my voice. "Now walk. Away." I growled and turned my back to her.

She whined and stomped her feet like a child before running in the direction of the pack meeting room. Their was a few pack members gathered around us, an I smiled in apology to them. They walked away bowing slightly and I was left with just me group again. "That was single handingly that sexiest thing, I have ever seen, in my entire life." Elijah said his jaw dropped. I blushed and laughed nervousily. "Get over here." He smiled an pulled me to straddle his waist. He kissed me breathless. My thoughts melted away, everything and everyone melted away. He held me so lightly, as if I might break, yet some how I new that if I even tried to pull away he wouldn't allow it. I tightened my hold on his necks and finally he pulled away for a breath laughing awkwardly like I had. "Sorry.." He muttered and rang his hand through his hair as I curled into a sitting position on his lap grinning.

"Thank you, by the way. Bek, T, you both stood up for me." I told them. "Well we figure since the guy's couldn't do anything about, with her beings a girl an all, that we should step in." Tamara smiled warmly. I nodded eagerly. "Yeah, it would have sucked if you hadn't been here." I tol them with wide eyes. They both laughed and Cliff and Joel joined in. "You insulted my mate?" Kol's powerful voice rang. I glared. GOD, I CAN'T CATCH A BREAK, I shouted in my head. "Go away." I told him. Melonie was sobbing behind him, clingly to him like glue. The rest of the packs were filling out an around us in confusion. Both Elijah's and his pack. "Hi Melonie." I said in a pitchy high voice and waggled my fingers in her direction. She sobbed fake tears harder. Wow. I rolled my eyes. "You have no right to treat my pack this way." Kol yelled at me. I laughed humorously. "Wow, coming from the guy who bullied and watched his own pack memeber get abused for years, and did nothing about it? That's rich." I glared. He flinched. His whole body slummed. "Look, can you just show us our rooms, we need to get ready for dinner." I told him with no emotion.

"I'll show you." Ace piped up a slight sad smile on his face. I nodded. "Untamed, let's go. Follow Mr. Ace." Elijah's voice rang stronger than Kol's. I felt safer in an instant. Ace led up up and throughout the upstairs hallways. "We don't have enough room's at the moment for singles, so people will have to double up. Did you want a few seconds to think about the arrangement's?" Ace asked, his voice muffled and weak. Don't give in... don't give in... I thought willing myself to obey. "Sure. Thank you." Elijah told him shaking his hand. "It's no problem. We rearraged it so that the left hallway is yours, and our pack is the right. We doubled up too. Take all the time you need." He told him his eyes drooping. I grabbed Ace's hand and squeezed it, his eyes meeting mine for a second before he walked away like a zombie. "My pack. Listen up. Mate's and families get the doors at END of the hallway, people who are doubling up with friend's or others take the one's in the middle. Beta's, Taramra, Rebekah, Katerina and I will have the rooms at the begining of the hallway. Fill up, let's go." He told them strictly and we stepped asside as they all gathered into there rooms.

There were four rooms left. I looked to them all. Elijah spoke up, "Joel and Tamara, are you sharing a room?" He asked them. Joel grinned and Tamara blushed. "Yes, sir." She said softly and they disappeared into a room laughing. I frowned in sympathy for Bekah. "Don't worry babe. You can bunk with me." Cliff put his arm around her and she smiled half heartedly. "Alright." She mumbled. He took her protectively under his arm and they went into their room. I starred up at Elijah. "Well, would you like to be my roomate?" He grinned. I laughed. "Sure, I'd love you." I told him and he opened the door for us to walk in. Elijah's parents would be staying in the four room near us, so we had to behave. I scolded Elijah about it. He groaned. "If you want me to behave. Wear tights, sweatpants over them, and turtle necks." He told me seriously. I slipped off my shirt. "What don't like me like this?" I teased. He groaned again and hid his face in a pillow. I laughed and walked into the shower shaking my head.

After I got out, Elijah had one. I put on some nice clothes. I figured since Elijah told me to swear sweatpants and turtles neck's, I'd do the exact opposite. I slipped on something a little flirty and cute. (Picture on the side). I made sure I was out of the room before Elijah got out of the shower so I could surprise him. Rebekah loved my plan, so did Tamara. Even Cliff did! He thought it would be hilarious to watch Elijah's eyes pop out of their sockets when he see's how much skin is showing for him. I laughed nervousily kind of scared and shy. We sat around the living room waiting to be called into the dinning room for dinner. "So, after dinner did you wanna meet up?" Bekah whispered to me. I nodded. "Sure thing." I grinned at her. Elijah came down the stares and his eyes met mine for a second before trailing down my body. I think he was frozen in shock. Cliff bursted up laughing and I blushed uncontrollably. "I'll get you back." Elijah whispered in my ear causing me to shiver. "Dinner!" Kol's mom shouted from the kitchen and smiling we all took our seats in the dinning room.



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