Ugh, why me?

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I felt around me. Sheet's, soft sheet's. They smell like fabric softner. I smiled and pulled the covers up to my chin inhaling. It was so warm. I yawned and rubbed my eyes looking around. I was in my room, but I didn't remember walking up here... then I remembered falling asleep downstairs with the guys, one of them must have carried me up here. I looked down and noticed I was in a button up shirt, and my panties. Probably one of the guys put it on me. I yawned again and walked out of my bedroom and downstairs to the kitchen. Cliff was seated at the table with a large plate of food infront of him. I sat on his lap, grabbbed a piece of bacon and nibbled on it. "Hello to you to, Kat." He smiled at me. "Morfnhing" I muttered my mouth full. He laughed and pulled me tighter to him. "Good sleep?" He asked. I swallowed. "Relatively, yes. How about you?" I asked turning slightly in his lap. "Not bad. Dreamless sleep. What you planning to do today?" He asked me taking a bite at the end of the piece of bacon in my mouth.

"Well, maybe go for a run by the lake. Did you wanna come?" I asked him. "Sure thing. Wan't me to invite Joel?" He asked. I nodded smiling. "Sure. We could go swimming." I grinned. "Yeah, I'd like to see you in a bikini again." He winked. "Sucks that I'll be in a long baggy sweater and trackpants then, huh?" I teased. His face fell. Clearly he didn't understand teasing. I rolled my eyes and fed him more bacon. He grinned at me and nibble the end, I smiled and he hugged me tighter. My chest started tightnening just then. It was painful, really painful. I started screaming. I was knocked off Cliff's lap and lay on my side on the floor clutching my stomach and chest. "Make it stop... please.. please!" I screetched my voice getting higher with each plead. "Elijah!" Cliff shouted and knelt down beside me.

"It's okay, you'll be okay, Kat. It's okay." He muttered stroking my forehead. I screamed again and then Elijah rushed into the kitchen shouting "what happened?" "I don't know, she just started screaming and freaking out. Elijah, What's going on!" Cliff shouted at him. Joel pulled him into the corner of the room. I screamed again. "Kat, Katerina! Can you hear me? Katerina count to ten... breathe..." He told me and I started counting in my head. One... two... I screamed again. "Please!" I begged with a strained voice. "Start again, count again!" Elijah shouted at me. One... two... three... four... I was breathing heavy and by the time I got to ten I was fine besides the little rasps coming from my throat.. My eye's were watering and I was all sweaty. "I don't... Elijah what just happened to me?" I asked him with wide watery eyes.

"Kat, boo you alright?" Joel came rushing up behind and I leaned on him for support as he knelt down. It was a bit awkward with how little I was wearing but I didn't let it bother me."I don't know.." I looked between Cliff and Elijah. "Kat, babe... I hate to be the one to tell you this.. but, your mate just had sex with someone else only this time, he marked her." Elijah told me. My face fell. My eyes rimming with more tears. I remembered all the pain I experienced when Kol had sex with other girls before, but it was never like this. Never this bad. It must be because he bit her, that must be it I told myself. "He's not her mate, and she's not his, they're potential mates. There connection can be broken at anytime so long as either wishes it." He told me as Cliff wiped my forhead with a cold damp cloth. "I see." I muttered lifelessly.

I was trying my best to forget him. It was hard, I'll admit that, but I was doing well. I just hated being constantly reminded that my mate was a fudging sex whore. I wiped my eyes and smiled at my boys. "Can I have more bacon?" I asked them, causing them to all laugh. I grinned and wiped my face with the back of my hand as I was handed a piece of bacon. "How can someone so damned skinny eat a whole fried pig to herself?" Joel muttered into my ear. "Very happily, that's how." I grinned and chomped dramatically on it. He rolled his eyes and I leant against him chewing away, wiggling with happyniss in his lap. Cliff muttered something about me being bi-polar to Elijah, but he got back handed for it. I grinned at Elijah and relaxed in Joel's lap, on the kitchen floor.


I was currently in my room searching for a bathing suit. I knew I wasn't chubby anymore, I had absolutely no fat what so ever on my body. I was pure skin and muscle, but I was still self-concious. After years of being called a cow, a waste of space, a fatass, well It doesn't surprise me how insecure I get. There's even time's when I try not to eat, thinking that it would help me loose weight. Each and everytime I try I get growled at and or tackled by either Eilijah, Joel or Cliff. My weight is my blind spot acording to them. I found myself shaking my head dismissively at the thought. "Aha." I said suddenly, reaching for the smooth fabric of my navy blue bikini. I wiggled my hips in victory a smile printed on my face. I closed the bathroom door behind me as I stepped onto the cool tiles of it's floor. I slipped the T-shirt over my head and slipped on the bikini top. There was no design on it, just like the bikini bottoms I slipped on. I bundled my previous clothes in my hand and walked back into my room, throwing them on the bed and grabbing a towel.

"You guy's ready to go?" I asked meeting them in the living room. There was loud wolf whistles and I blushed sitting beside Elijah. "Don't get too comfortable, were about to head out as soon as Rebekah gets here." Joel muttered. I rolled my eyes. "Nice. Could you be any nicer to the girl? You're just mad because she beat your ass on the mat her first try." I scowled at him. He scoffed. "She's a girl, of course I should be mad." He said and it was his turn to roll his eyes. "I won't hesitate to squeeze the liquid from your body if you so much as give her a dirty look, Jo." I smirked at his fearful eyes. "Hey, be nice. We can't all be as stealth as you." Cliff told me, grinning. I laughed shaking my head. Rebekah came downstairs in a bright red two piece bikini, and a black towel hanging from her arm. "Ready to go?" She smiled. I ran up to her and linked arms. "Let's." I said and glared at Joel as they all stood up and followed us.

"No no no! Put me down!" I screamed. "No!" And then the cold water splashed up and over my skin. I stood up gasping for air and smearing my eye's free of water. "Jerks." I muttered and climbed up the muckey mud side of the lake and to the surface again. Cliff was laughing with Joel leaning on his shoulder, tears streaming down his eyes in humor. I glared. I watched as Elijah swung on the long tight rope dangling from the tree, and plundged into the lake water. I laughed at Cliff throwing Rebekah into the water. One of her arms were tucked around her knees, the other was holding her nose as her blonde hair flew straight up in the air and she crashed into the water. I paced back and forth whistling before using all my strength to chuck both Joel and Cliff in the water. Head's poped up laughing and glaring, and that's when the splashing began. I ran at them and canonballed in the middle of the group. Smiling Elijah put me on his shoulders and Rebekah on Joel's while Cliff reffed our chicken fights.

I was sitting on the grass watching the boys fool around splashing eachother and wrestling when Rebekah came and sat down beside me. "Hey, having fun so far?" I bumped her shoulder. She laughed. "Yeah. It's good to get out of the house, ya know?" She half grimanced. My brows furrowed. "What's wrong?" I turned to face her better. "My mate. He's my mate, but I'm not his. Yet. I mean he hasn't realized it yet." She told me slightly rambling. My lips formed an 'o' shape. "Well who is it? Why can't you just tell them?" I asked her. She looked at me like I was crazy. "Because it's Joel." My eye's grew wide. "Oh shit." I muttered. "Yeah. He practically hate's that I beat him, so I'm just afraid he won't accept me ya know?" She said. I nodded fully understanding. "Don't worry. I promise you, Joel isn't like it." I assured her. "I guess." She muttered and we watched the boys goofing around. Well, I wached the boys, Bekah just watched Joel.



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