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After two hours of driving, we were pulling into a long driveway of Great Wolf lodge. It was... well Bekah was right, It was HUGE. There were large wolf statues outside the entrance, and the whole place had at least 4 floors, I'd say maybe a 100 on each floor, starting from teh ground floor, up to the top. There were balconies, and even parking space. It looked brand new, why would anyone not want to come here? How did they even loose money? I found myself thinking confused. It looked perfect for a pack house, absolutly perfect. We pulled into a parking spot and got out. All around was grass and flowers that needed to be trimmed. Rebekah was also right when she said it looked like a large cabin, it looked like big wooden logs piled on top of eachother all over the place. Elijah was stunned and starring. "This is amazing Rebekah, can you imagine how easy it would be living here? It looks gi-nor-mus. It would be spacy, and just enough room for families with their cubs, and for new families to start." I said smiling and looking around us. Elijah pulled me into his arms. "Thinking about cubs are we?" He asked.

I blushed and cleared my throat. "I was just... I didn't mean that we... I mean not that I woudn't... I mean I'd love to... I j- Nvm." I breathed and kissed his lips. He smiled. "I was only teasing. I agree with you completely, c'mon let's go look around inside." He told us all and we piled up to the large front doors. "How do we get in without a key?" Joel asked. I smirked at Rebekah. Starring at the lock, I swirled my finger around in a circle, watching frost and ice form over the lock enough to freeze it solid. That's when Rebekah smashed it with her foot. "Like that." I told them and Bekah pounded my fist. "Mhm" We both said as we did it. "What just happened?" Joel and Clif asked shocked. "What is it two people say the thing at the same time day?" Elijah complained. I starred at him. "Okay, not my best argument, but let's gooooo." He exaggerated and pulled me inside the lodge with him. We all stopped dead in our tracks.

Huge was an understatement, you could fit 6 pack's in this lobby alone! It was insane. And there was a register system like Bekah told us, wow... this is.. this is all we ever wanted. "Holy shit." Cliff said loudly and it echo'd. "Look at al the art and paintings and stuff, they're all wolves!" Bekah said laughing and bouncing around. "This is seriously cool, I can't beelive it's for sale." Joel breathed stunned. "I know, I can't believe it either!" I said equally stunned."It's perfect. I mean I can really see cubs and families and our pack memebers runnign around here, living a good life." Elijah said and touched my stomach. My heart stopped, that was so sweet! I thought getting slightly blushy and shy. He kissed my mark and I had to hide my face in his chest to stop from yelping in pleasure. I hate it when he does that. "Almost as much as you love it." He told me breathing on my neck. "Stay out of my head." I glared and smacked his stomach. "Scratch me again." He mumbled and I started scratching lightly at his belly under his shirt. He puled me tighter to him and I smiled in happyness.

"So 4 floors, on two different sides, we could even divide the packs and yet still be one pack." Joel said in a smart tone. "That's so true." Bekah agreed kissing his cheek making him smile. "So then once we get this thing figured out we can move everyone in, stay in the lobby, and assign everyone rooms, with individual pass keys. It wil help with the privacy." Cliff added. "Yeah exactly. Also, there's singles, doubles, doubles and bunks, and singles and bunks. There a million different types of rooms, and I'm guessing the whole system show's each one, so that helps to get who and who in the right one's. Plus, this whole place is about wolve's. Kid's rooms are called wolve dens, there's even a children's play room called Cub Club if I remember, it's like it was made for us." She sighed looking around with warm eyes. "I have one smart mate." Joel told her and hugged her closer as she giggled helplessly. "He's right, nice job, Bek." Cliff told her and gave her a high-five.

"So could you explain once again what kinds of rooms are in here, so we can go over it?" Elijah asked her. "Oh sure." Bek said. "Okay well, first off, from what I remember there's the waterpark, and the outdoor pool. Waterpark had water slide's and rides, and a kid castle water thingie, I don't know. Also a wave pool. Mostly it's for kids and families. Then the outside pool, mainly for adults, and teen's. It's just a pool, some chairs with umbrella's, you know the normal set up. Uh. Game room, I remember a game room. It was so much fun, you know, the works down there, loads of games, aswell. Uhm, a buffet with a huge cfeteria sort of deal. It could fit two packs, three atleast, so that's good. I know that each room had a sort of backyard or balcony for storage an what not. There's even a forest a bit away from here, they cut down most of it, but I know there's got to be atleast 300 acres, which is perfect for us, and no problem of having other people come on our land either.

"Also, they made this place out in the wilderness for a reason. They wanted it to be seculded so it's really like running with the wolve's. There's a sound system around here somewhere, it makes howls and barks and stuff, we could use that for alarms I guess. There's fields all around this place, and it's really open, yet some how still our own little home." She dragged on and on. I could see she really wanted this, badly. She looked so hopeful, like it brought back family memories for her that she loved to rememeber. I smiled. "It sounds great, Rebekah." I told her, trying to let her know she was doing good. "Thank you! I realy think this will be good for us, I mean how Ironic is it that it's called 'Great Wolf Lodge', and were a pack of wolves trying to find pack house exactly like this." she cheered. "I love seeing her happy." I whispered to Elijah, digging my nails dangerousily into his skin. He closed his eyes before regaining himself grinning a shy smile. "Me too. And do that again and I might just have to tickle you to death." He told me playfully glaring.

"Yes, sir." I saluted pulling my hand away from his shirt. "Well it certainly sounds big enough, we'll just have to look around later, we don't have the time since we aren't exactly supposed to be here." Cliff said mischeivousily. "It looks like it could use a good cleaning up too. Spiders and cob webs and what not, but other than that it looks brand new." Joel added. Bekah squeaked at the word spider and curled into Joel's chest. I laughed. "Baby." I told her and she stuck her tongue out at me. "Careful, there's bats too." She said and I yelped this time curling into Elijah. Everyone started laughing while I glared. "Jerks." I muttered under my breath. "Okay, well let's get out of here, go talk to Alpha Kol, and let's buy this thing." Elijah grinned. "Yeah, sure. Cause he's an Alpha." Cliff muttered annoyed. Joel laughed. "God, I really hate that guy." He said shaking his head. "Me. Too." Cliff added pissed off. I rolled my eyes at them, "C'mon, let's go. Long drive back." I said and everyone started scattering out and back to the car.

When we arrived at the pack house no-one was in the living room. "I bet Kol's in his office, we'll go get him." I said and kissed Elijah's lips before dragging Rebekah upstairs with me. "Noo. I don't want to, I'm tired. Take Cliff." She whined tackling Joel to the couch before they broke out into a make-out session. "Ew." I said under my breath and instead dragged Cliff upstairs to Kol's office. "You really think he's up here?" Cliff asked as we walked down their hallway to the end of it. "Yeah, no doubt. He had no life." I said and rolled my eyes. And then I heard it. But I think that even though I new what I would find behind that door, knowing it in my gut, feeling that just now feeling in my heart, the one I was so used to ignoring because it just happend so often. Even though all that was telling me 'No, don't go in there.', and even though my wolf was howling, and I knew it would hurt me, I had to see for myself, just had to open his office door and witness it with my own eyes. So I did. And I was faced with Melonie bent over Kol's desk, Kol placed behind her, and moans erupting like I wasn't even there.




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